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Founded 2016 Review is one of the newest Bitcoin betting websites on the block, having relaunched their site in mid-February 2017. The gleam of a new paint job is still evident on the site, with swishy animations and a sensible layout that make it easy to find the matches you're looking for. As is increasingly common with Bitcoin betting sites these days, no web app is offered, as the responsive design of their website is sufficiently good enough to accommodate bettors on PCs, tablets and smartphones - you could probably even place a bet using your Smart TV with a bit of effort! Right from the off, Lunarbets impress with their swanky, streamlined website - but is the betting experience really out of this world? Bonuses, Codes & Offers

Lunarbets do not currently offer any deposit bonuses, but they do make it easy to refer your friends and get a small commission of their bets - 0.4% to be precise. We'll keep checking out their site, and this page will be updated as and when new Lunarbets bonuses appear.