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Esports Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Dota 2 Heroes of the Storm Hearthstone League of Legends Overwatch StarCraft 2 World of Tanks
Founded 2016
Cashout Options bitcoin Review is one of the newest Bitcoin betting websites on the block, having relaunched their site in mid-February 2017. The gleam of a new paint job is still evident on the site, with swishy animations and a sensible layout that make it easy to find the matches you’re looking for.

As is increasingly common with Bitcoin betting sites these days, no web app is offered, as the responsive design of their website is sufficiently good enough to accommodate bettors on PCs, tablets and smartphones – you could probably even place a bet using your Smart TV with a bit of effort!

Right from the off, Lunarbets impress with their swanky, streamlined website – but is the betting experience really out of this world? Show more.

Happily, Lunarbets’ appeal is more than skin-deep. The site offers a good range of esports options for bettors, and the near-instant deposits and withdrawals via Bitcoin make the site an attractive option. Even if you’re new to Bitcoin betting or don’t have any Bitcoins in all, Lunarbets have invested considerable time into crafting YouTube tutorials and written guides to get you up to speed on how it all works – nice one.

Betting lines & live betting

The site supports moneyline, spreadĀ and handicap bets, with most esports matches including at least moneyline and spread options. The betting system is a fixed odds system, meaning your odds and potential winnings are determined by the time the bet is placed regardless of how the odds fluctuate afterwards. Sadly, no proposition bets (“first to frag”) are available at present.

There are eight esports represented in all, with most of the major matches included in each, from the big names like CS:GO and LoL to the smaller scenes like World of Tanks and Hearthstone. All told, there are fourteen esports leagues currently on the site, including many options for League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to view all upcoming esports matches on a single page, or even filter by one or two esports that you follow. Instead, you have to visit each league page individually, out of the dozen or so options available in the menu. This is one area that the site could definitely be improved, especially for bettors that are more interested in making money than loyally following a specific team or game.

Sadly, no live betting is possible on the site.


Lunarbets offer 24/7 support via a Zendesk-based chat system. That means you’ll often get a response within just a few minutes, and even if everyone is busy your question or complaint will be logged in the system and responded to later on. There’s no phone number to call though, so fans of the more traditional approach will have to get with the (increasingly digital) times.

Security & withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals promise to be quite rapid – even immediate – due to the Bitcoin-only nature of the site, so there’s no waiting for banks here! The only exception stated is for withdrawing “very large amounts” as these need to be processed manually for security reasons.

As with many other Bitcoin-only establishments, Lunarbets is not regulated by any gaming commission, although as a UK company it does fall under UK law. In these cases, a website’s reputation is everything, and so far Lunarbets has gained a strong one. Show less. Bonuses, Codes & Offers

Lunarbets do not currently offer any deposit bonuses, but they do make it easy to refer your friends and get a small commission of their bets – 0.4% to be precise. We’ll keep checking out their site, and this page will be updated as and when new Lunarbets bonuses appear. does not currently have any bonuses available. Check back in the future for new promotions and bonus codes at