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League of Legends by Daniel Le March 25, 2020 1.10K

Team Liquid has had a singular hold over the North American region for the past few years. Split after split, they would single-handedly demolish any team that stood in their way, taking first in almost every regional season since the Summer of 2018. Cloud9, on the other hand, has always been a contender. During their […]

League of Legends by Daniel Le March 12, 2020 1.78K

After their miraculous run in the 2019 Worlds tournament, Team Liquid looked poised to dominate the North American League Championship Series once again. Having been pretty much the only strong horse to make it into contention the past few years, everyone was fairly sure that they would completely wreck it again. However, the start of […]

Bets by Daniel Le March 08, 2020 1.41K

Just as with any great competitive esport title, the game is constantly evolving and changing in ways that may or may not be advantageous for some people in the competitive scene. One of the ways that developers attempt to keep the game fresh and entertaining for those watching and playing is through the constant usage […]

League of Legends by Daniel Le February 24, 2020 1.69K

With the start of the 2020 season having come and gone, it’s a wonder about how the second half of the spring split will end. However, for the LEC, one thing is certain: the kings of Europe are not alone. Although starting out with a strong 6-0, their matches seemed strained and many of the […]

FunPlus Phoenix by Daniel Le November 10, 2019 3.62K

After a month of hard battles, and many crushed opponents, we are finally ready to crown ourselves a new League of Legends World Champion. With the old guards falling off, defeated under the weight of the new, both FunPlus Phoenix and G2 Esports have definitely earned their place as the finals contenders. With neither team […]

FunPlus Phoenix by Daniel Le November 02, 2019 2.19K

With the Worlds Knockout stage coming close to an end, we’ve been able to see some stellar plays and mechanical outplays, as well as immaculate macro game movements and clean League of Legends gameplay. However, only one team can be crowned a winner, and with the Semi-Finals determining who will be going on to the […]

DAMWON Gaming by Daniel Le October 26, 2019 1.29K

Many anticipated that the worlds group stages would provide some entertaining and incredible moments. None, however, could have expected that all three of the European representatives would be able to make it out of the group stages, and be able to make an attempt at the worlds title of champion. G2 Esports, the first seed […]

SK Telecom T1 by Daniel Le October 26, 2019 1.32K

With the group stage out of the way, we are now left with our top eight teams, each of which will be representing their organization, their region, and, most importantly, their pride. Highlighted previously, Europe was able to put forth all three of their representatives which was a historic moment for their region on their […]

GRIFFIN by Daniel Le October 25, 2019 968

To say that this matchup in the Quarterfinals will be the most interesting would be very much correct. With each of the other matches hosting a European representative, this match pits the LPL and LCK against each other. Both regions have a history of being the top dogs, and also have a history of going […]

Fnatic by Daniel Le October 25, 2019 1.58K

With Europe completing their takeover of being able to have all three of their representatives make it into the quarterfinals, many are looking towards them to make the Cinderella story continue. Fnatic is one such hopeful, as they face off against FunPlus Phoenix, the LPL’s first seed team. Although the first seed and second seed […]

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