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Latest by Nick Pateman February 03, 2017 1.13K

We started out in gaming back in 1999. The days when Ultima Online and Everquest were the hottest things in town and when Counter-Strike was a hacked together Half-Life mod. Times when anything less than a 3 digit ping was rare and OP. We’ve followed and have been fans of games and competitive esports ever […]

Tech by Nick Pateman November 07, 2016 912

This year has been the beginning of VR truly kicking off as a consumer product.  A far cry from the 90s VR you’d get to play with at an amusement park or arcade, it’s not only advanced enough to be able to perfectly track the player, but both the comfort and fidelity have finally reached that […]

Dota 2 by Nick Pateman June 27, 2016 1.50K

Update: The International 2018 is upon us, read all about it here! Every year since the game entered its public beta in 2011, Valve has hosted an official Dota-only tournament known as The International.  And every year, the prizepool goes up, setting new records for e-sports as a whole.  No other game has a tournament […]

Dota 2 by Nick Pateman June 17, 2016 350

Dota 2 is genuinely the most complicated esport to have gained mass appeal. Requiring hundreds of hours just to gain competency, and thousands of hours more to master, it draws players in with an impossibly steep learning curve. Stepping back from actually playing the game, and focusing instead on betting, is one way to avoid […]

Dota 2 by Nick Pateman June 17, 2016 1.08K

Dota is a game in constant flux. Thanks to regular changes to the game’s balance – often extremely drastic changes – players are locked in a state of perpetual discovery. This is often referred to as the “metagame” (or just “meta”), and it’s of vital importance to stay in touch with if you’re looking to […]

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