Call of Duty by Charlie Cater July 10, 2020 1.52K

Call of Duty League New York – Day 1 Preview

Call of Duty CDL New York

Heading into Call of Duty League New York this will be the 11th Home Series of the year. With two teams looking for their third win, and the rest searching for their first, this will be an interesting event to say the least. Let’s take a look at the first 4 games, how the teams matchup and the odds.

Toronto Ultra vs Paris Legion

Toronto Ultra left the previous Paris Home Series after three games taking defeats to both the Atlanta FaZe and New York Subliners. While they humiliated OpTic Gaming LA on Hackney Yard Hardpoint, they also managed to take Atlanta FaZe to a game five. Proving that they have the skill to contend with the best teams in the game. CleanX finished his first CDL weekend with a 0.99 overall K/D, while it may not be a MackMelts or Owakening improvement, it’s still a solid number for his first event.

As for Paris Legion, they’re struggling. They took their first 3-0 game one defeat of the season at their own Home Series, and were sent home after just two games. Losses to the Florida Mutineers and the London Royal Ravens show that they can’t take on the top half just yet. However, this match is their opportunity to defeat a team around them in the standings.


Previously Paris Legion have taken both of matchups 3-1 leaving them with a 2-0 record against Toronto. However, these were at the London and Atlanta Home Series where Paris were on a good run of form. Now, Toronto Ultra look like the stronger team and I expect them to take this matchup. Paris don’t tend to lose 3-0 in their first game, but this match should be over in four. So I’m taking Toronto Ultra -1.5.

Pick: Toronto Ultra -1.5, 2.06 @ Midnite

Chicago Huntsmen vs London Royal Ravens

The Chicago Huntsmen didn’t attend the recent Paris Home Series, however they have been dominant in scrims. With the meta changing, no one knows how teams will perform during events. But in scrims, Chicago have been performing excellently. Envoy has used the Uzi before within a CDL match, and we expect him to use it even more following the MP5 nerf and GA’s.

The London Royal Ravens have also improved in recent weeks. Even though they were unable to make it out of groups at the Paris Home Series. Zer0 has been a welcomed addition to the squad, however the meta change may affect the Royal Ravens more than any other team in the league. With the MP5 nerf, London may be one of the teams to move to a two or even three AR setup with their very AR heavy team. With Dylan being the only true SMG player on the roster, we could see an interesting approach from London this weekend.


This game could go either way. Previous matchups see the Chicago Huntsman come out on top 3-1 both times but this new meta could change everything. However, if this matchup goes all the way, I’m backing Chicago to take the series.

Pick: Chicago Huntsmen ML, 1.41 @ Midnite

Los Angeles Guerrillas vs Atlanta FaZe

The Los Angeles Guerrillas continue to improve and surprise us week by week. They are also another team which the meta shift may help just like the London Royal Ravens. They have finished top 6 in the past 3 weekends finishing top 4 in their last outing at Minnesota. In this event, they also took opponents Atlanta FaZe to a game five.

Atlanta FaZe have been a team of controversy this past week. They have supposedly been blacklisted by many CDL teams, refusing to play against them as they dont agree with the new GA rules. This could result in some GA’d weapons, attachments or tactics being used against them in this week’s Home Series. However, they are a team which will be looking to prove that they are the best after their embarrassing defeat to the Florida Mutineers.


Previously this matchup finished 3-2 in favour of Atlanta FaZe. However, I don’t expect this to be replicated this weekend. Here I’m expecting a 3-1 from Atlanta FaZe as they have been playing extremely well in scrims and performing with the new meta. So an Atlanta FaZe -1.5 Handicap is perfect for this matchup.

Pick: Atlanta FaZe -1.5, 1.68 @ Midnite

Minnesota Rokkr vs New York Subliners

The Minnesota Rokkr have struggled in recent events. However with the changing meta, they could benefit too. Players such as GodRx could go back to their previous form under this new meta, and if Alexx is to return Minnesota will definitely be a team to watch. 

New York Subliners however are only getting better. While they haven’t won a Home Series yet, this is their perfect opportunity to. Taking on Minnesota, they have an excellent chance of winning their first game and only needing to win one more to reach the Semi-Finals. MackMelts has performed as always, with Attach and Zoomaa both stepping up when needed.


Previously New York has taken this matchup 3-0 in their only meeting this year. I expect the Subliners to come out victorious once again. However, this is a game which could go all the way if both teams play to their best, so I’m taking a New York Subliners ML.

Pick: New York Subliners ML, 1.55 @ Midnite

The Call of Duty League New York Home Series starts at 9PM BST on Friday 10th July and continues all weekend. You can watch on YouTube or the official Call of Duty League Website and earn in-game drops!

Tipster Betslip

-1.5 Handicap
Toronto Ultra
1.0u @ 2.06
Match Winner
Chicago Huntsmen
1.0u @ 1.41
-1.5 Handicap
Atlanta FaZe
1.0u @ 1.68
Match Winner
New York Subliners
1.0u @ 1.55
Returned: 6.70u
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