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CS:GO Daily Betting Tips – Wednesday

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive BLAST Premier Showdown Spring 2020


Date: Wednesday, June 17th @ 16:30 CEST

G2 certainly lost their form recently and lost 2 craziest matches where they had all the chances, which should have affected them hard psychologically, but they still have great players like KennyS and huNter, and they should be hyped up after getting #1 spot this week.

ENCE played really close with Faze, but despite winning a crazy comeback from 10-15 something went wrong on 3rd map and they lost 15 rounds in a row, barely even touching anyone. G2 have good history with ENCE, although most of the matches were really close, and this game should be interesting. I expect ENCE to pick Train, G2 Dust2 or Nuke, and Inferno / Mirage to be the decider which will almost definitely be needed. Both teams are out of shape right now.

So G2 are the better side for sure and ranked number 1 in the world of CS, but they are not feeling confident at all right now and by losing the DreamHack Masters Spring 2020 2-3 against BIG and they lost yesterday 0-2 to Team Vitality. Now, ENCE are nothing special right now either, but I think this one will go to 3 maps in the end. Hopefully, G2 come into this match fresh and to take the win although I still believe it will be a close one.

PICK: Over 2.5, 1.93 @

MATCH: Team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses

Date: Wednesday, June 17th @ 23:30 CEST

Liquid and Evil Geniuses have been familiar foes over the past few years. Their paths have barely crossed since the start of the year, where Liquid came out on top of Evil Geniuses on all four occasions, three of which came in the ESL Pro League. With new coach Wilton “zews” Prado slowly bringing tactical changes into the team, and with Liquid slowly faltering over the past months, there could be potential for North America’s second team to attack the top.

Liquid didn’t look good against FURIA and took a 3-0 loss. EG picked up a 2-0 win over Gen.G however. I think Liquid will definitely take this match based on previous form before the match against FURIA but I think that this will also be a close match.

Team Liquid are typically superb on Dust 2 and know their way around Inferno, Overpass and Vertigo. However, EG has Train to their advantage, with Mirage and Nuke being no man’s land. Overall, the situation is pretty tight but Team Liquid has to be given a slight advantage as far as map pool goes.

In terms of individual strengths, there was a time when EG had two brilliant fraggers in their team, Brehze and CeRq. These days, they just can’t seem to get their minds into the game simultaneously. If CeRq plays a decent match, Brehze will be an utter disaster and vice versa.

Team Liquid, on the other hand, finally have EliGE back. Their main fragger has been pretty absent lately, and BLAST Premier Spring Finals is a great event to turn a new page. But, despite an awesome match coming from EliGE, Liquid still lost DreamHack Masters Spring Finals against FURIA. What are the odds of them stringing together another loss, this time against Evil Geniuses?

Well, it’s not impossible… but as long as Team Liquid starts the game without a massive deficit on the scoreboard, there shouldn’t be any complications, really. Yep – Team Liquid should push this one through. It’s going to be a tightly contested matchup, there’s no doubt about that, but in-form EliGE should be the decider here.

PICK: Team Liquid ML, 1.53 @


Tipster Betslip

G2 vs ENCE
Over 2.5
1.0u @ 1.93
Team Liquid vs Evil Geniuses
Team Liquid ML
1.0u @ 1.53
Potential: 3.46u
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