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Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips – Friday

Dota 2 Chinese Dota 2 Leagues

End of the week is here. But Dota 2 action continues to go on. Chinese teams are not stopping. DPL-CDA and OGA Dota Pit tournaments are moving on.

MATCH: Vici Gaming vs CDEC

Date: Friday, July 10th @ 10:00 CEST

In the last 13 days, CDEC managed to beat Vici Gaming two times. But in their last clash 1 day ago Vici took the win with a close 2-1 victory. Really impressive result, since Vici is known as one of the top 3 teams in China in 2019/2020. Vici Gaming is on a 5 match winning streak in all competitions, as they are playing really good. However, they did very badly in this tournament’s group stage. Both teams ended with 1 win and 2 losses in their group A, and luckily that was enough to qualify for the playoffs.

This time, Vici Gaming is sportsbooks favourite here since they have better result from their last match, but I would say this is another close match. It really can go either way. CDEC showed really amazing performance in lower brackets grand finals vs RNG. However, I do think Vici may be in slightly better form right now, and they could possibly take another win here. Keep in mind this is the best of 5 grand final match. Winners will be crowned the champion of OGA Dota Pit Season 2.

PICK: Vici Gaming ML, 1.65 @ BetOnBit


Date: Friday, July 10th @ 13:00 CEST

In the last 2 months, Sparking Arrow Gaming never managed to beat EHOME. They’ve faced each other 3 times, and EHOME celebrated their win all 3 times. 6-2 in maps. Really impressive. Until now, SAG performed slightly better in the group stage of this tournament. With 3 wins and 2 losses they are holding top 4 placement, while EHOME are 2-2 as they have lost to PSG.LGD and Sirius surprisingly. Lately, SAG managed to beat only Sirius and IG.Vitality, which are like tier 2 Chinese teams.

On the other side, EHOME did slightly better with their wins over Vici Gaming and Invictus Gaming. I think EHOME needs to perform here, as this win would bring them closer to top 4 positions that lead to the playoffs. They have more quality, and I hope they won’t underperform. They are favourites here and I do think if Sylar and NothingToSay, their carry players show up they will do good in this match up.

PICK: EHOME ML, 1.64 @ BetOnBit

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Vici Gaming vs CDEC
Vici Gaming ML
1.0u @ 1.65
1.0u @ 1.64
Potential: 3.29u
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