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Dota 2 Daily Betting Tips – Thursday

Dota 2 BEYOND EPIC: Europe/CIS

And here we are. BEYOND EPIC: Europe/CIS group stage is over. 8 teams qualified for the playoffs. 4 teams qualified directly for the winners bracket, while 4 lower ranked teams in their groups qualified for the losers bracket of the tournament. Day 1 of the playoff play is bringing us 2 sick matches in the lower bracket. Loser is out sadly.

MATCH: vs Alliance

Date: Thursday, June 25th @ 16:00 CEST

First match of the playoff stage is here. Alliance is coming to this clash as a favourite even though their group stage performance was way worse than’s. Their last clashes in the last 2 months were pretty interesting. They have played 2 times, and each team has won 1 time. Interestingly enough, always took at least a map off Alliance. It’s hard to say who had the harder road in this tournament until now, but one thing is sure, that played much better in the group stage. They’ve ended in 3rd place in group A with 3 wins and 2 losses.

From notable results, they have 2-1 win over OG, and they’ve taken a map off very strong Team Nigma. I would even say that their clash vs Team Spirit was very even on most of the maps, as they’ve given them a lot of headaches. Secret won on their experience.

Alliance finished 4th in their group B with only 2 wins out of 5 matches. They’ve beaten NiP and VirtusPro and they have surprising losses against teams like Team Empire. I do think this match will be way closer then odds are suggesting. has a chance here, and with everything they showed they can surprise Alliance for sure with a map, or even a win. Handicap on +1.5 should be a decent bet here to cover most parts of the match.

PICK: +1.5, 1.51 @

MATCH: VirtusPro vs OG

Date: Thursday, June 25th @ 19:00 CEST

In the last 2 months those two teams played 3 times. All 3 times VirtusPro was victorious. However, VirtusPro didn’t show anything special in this tournament. Yes, they have beat Team Liquid, but Liquid didn’t have anything to lose as they already secured their spot for the playoffs. VirtusPro ended up in 3rd place of group B with only 2 wins but with 3 losses too. With Liquid, they’ve beat Team Empire too, a team that was the first team to be eliminated in this tournament.

OG ended up in 4th place in group A, but with a positive win-loss ratio. They had 3 wins and only 2 losses. Interestingly enough, they took at least a map off in all matches, except in their match vs Team Secret. Yes, they are playing better, but their form is still shaky. They are playing so differently from game to game, it’s hard to read them. And looks like their new lineup still didn’t kick in like they’ve expected. They will need a lot more preparation and practice to be able to threaten teams like Secret.

VirtusPro didn’t impress me as their carry player iLTW is not performing well. I feel like No[O]ne is doing most of the work in VirtusPro and if he gets good hero, he will do good and carry whole team. OG has more players of this quality I think, they just need to use them in a proper way to be able to win vs VirtusPro. I’m giving a small advantage to OG too, just because of their better group stage performance.

PICK: OG ML, 1.81 @


Tipster Betslip

pending vs Alliance +1.5
1.0u @ 1.51
VirtusPro vs OG
1.0u @ 1.81
Potential: 3.32u
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