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DOTA 2 Daily Betting Tips – Tuesday

Dota 2 OMEGA League

First day in September is full of Dota 2 action. Teams are competing in ESL One and OMEGA League. We can watch a lot of tier 1 and 2 matches, and here are some of them. My picks and predictions for Tuesday matches:

MATCH: Geek Fam vs Fnatic

Date: Tuesday, September 1st @ 11:00 CEST

This is the first lower bracket match of ESL One Thailand Asia. I always expect great things from Fnatic, but in this tournament they didn’t deliver it yet. Both Fnatic and Geek Fam ended up with a 3-2 win/loss ratio in their groups. However, I do think that Fnatic had much stronger opponents. This will be a match with a lot of stress, since the loser is out of the tournament. Luckily, it’s the best of 1 series. In the last 2 months, Fnatic did not beat Geek Fam in a BO3 series.

However, I think that they are in slightly better shape, and this could go their way. It must go. Fnatic ML is a way to go here. They have slightly better chances for the win.

PICK: Fnatic ML, 1.47 @ BetOnBit

MATCH: Cyber Legacy vs Omegalil

Date: Tuesday, September 1st @ 13:00 CEST

For many people ,Cyber Legacy were favourites vs NiP yesterday in the round 1 of the upper bracket of OMEGA League EU Divine Division. However, NiP once again showed that they are very good vs CIS teams. Cyber Legacy were dominant in their group with 5 wins and 0 losses. One of those wins was 2-0 vs Omegalil. New Cyber Legacy team looks really strong on paper. Basically they are made of players that were dropped from the biggest CIS squads (NaVi, VP…).

With this new lineup, Cyber Legacy never lost to Omegalil. Two matches, two easy wins. However, Omegalil is playing decently too. 2nd place in their group, and wins vs decent tier 2 CIS squads. However, in this situation CL are clear winners here for me. Maybe higher CL ML odds would be a good pick.

PICK: Cyber Legacy ML, 1.28 @ BetOnBit

MATCH: Khan vs HellRaisers

Date: Tuesday, September 1st @ 16:00 CEST

HellRaisers won their group with 4 wins and 1 loss, but they’ve lost in the round 1 of playoffs. NaVi was the better team in that match, and HR lost 0-2. Surprisingly, because I do think overall HellRaisers is a squad with more quality. Khan has only 2 wins from the group, but they look good on paper, and they had some amazing wins vs pretty strong Team Unique. Impressive win for them, and I believe that win can boost their confidence.

They need it, because they are facing favorited HellRaisers. However, I don’t think that will be an easy match for HellRaisers. Yes, they are the favourites, but I do think Khan can surprise too. Odds on HR ML win are so low, that I advise to go for +1.5 Khan handicap. HellRaisers ML is a safer way to go, if you want to go that.

PICK: Khan +1.5, 1.78 @ BetOnBit

MATCH: FlyToMoon vs Ninjas In Pyjamas

Date: Tuesday, September 1st @ 19:00 CEST

In the last 10 days, those two teams faced each other two times. FlyToMoon took both wins with clean 2-0 results. Impressive. But I was impressed with NiP last week too. Their last two wins are vs Cyber Legacy and Team Liquid. And then, they lose to FlyToMoon. Really inconsistent performance from NiP, but I do think that they have all that it takes to be able to threaten FlyToMoon. Yes, a day ago they lost to FTM, but I believe they always have a chance to surprise them. They are a decent squad with a big minus on position 5. They are playing with a standing player from Team Spirit, and that may affect them.

If they can take a win from Cyber Legacy which is decent tier 2 CIS team, i’m sure they can surprise FTM if they have a good day. Odds on FTM ML are so low, that I’ve decided to chase higher riskier odds.

PICK: NiP +1.5, 1.66 @ BetOnBit

Tipster Betslip

Geek Fam vs Fnatic
Fnatic ML
1.0u @ 1.47
Cyber Legacy vs Omegalil
Cyber Legacy ML
1.0u @ 1.28
Khan vs HellRaisers
Khan +1.5
1.0u @ 1.78
FlyToMoon vs Ninjas In Pyjamas
NiP +1.5
1.0u @ 1.66
Returned: 6.19u
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