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League of Legends Dutch League Betting Tips

So, the Dutch league for League of Legends is in full swing, and we have a number of games coming up one after the other. However, as it’s still early in the year, it means it can be tougher to predict who is the favorite going into the different battles, so let’s check out what the form guide says for these games.

mCon Esports Rotterdam vs Dynasty Gaming

First up, we have mCon Esports Rotterdam against Dynasty Gaming, and this match is going to be closely fought. mCon Esports Rotterdam are currently sitting around the +1.58 mark with Dynasty Gaming at +2.29, so this could be won by either team.

mCon Esports Rotterdam has had a bit of better form, but to be honest neither team has been performing well as of late. In fact, Dynasty Gaming has only won a single game from their last five, but that was against mCon, so that will have given them confidence.

In this instance, there’s no real stand out team, so that’s why the odds are close, and choosing who is likely to win is tough.

PSV Eindhoven vs Team Echo Zulu

This is another tough game between PSV Eindhoven and Team Echo Zulu. With the odds, PSV sit around +1.44 while Team Echo Zulu is around +2.64. This does mean that PSV are slight favorites, and we see why this is the case when we look at their form.

PSV has certainly been on the better form. They have a win rate in the region of 75% compared to 34.3% for Team Echo Zulu. The two teams actually faced off a number of months ago as well, and in that match PSV won 1:0, but how much of a factor that will be is uncertain.

By all means, this should be a relatively easy win for PSV. If Team Echo Zulu is to stand a chance, then they must get off to a strong start or they will never be able to draw it back.

Team THRLL vs Dynasty Gaming

Dynasty Gaming come back on the same day for this game against Team THRLL, and the odds have changed quite considerably from their match against mCon. Now, we have Dynasty Gaming sitting at +1.74 while Team THRLL are only slightly different at +2.02. Once again, this is a match where anybody could claim victory as the odds are so close.

The problem here is that neither team is exactly firing on all cylinders. Dynasty have won only one of their last five while Team THRLL has won two of their last five. However, they have a tendency to either win a narrow victory or lose quite heavily, there never appears to be anything in between.

That means if Dynasty Gaming start well, then Team THRLL has a problem in trying to turn things around.

With a number of other games due to take place, the first few games are key in understanding who will be strongest over the year. With Dynasty Gaming having two games in the one day, then we will have a better idea if they are likely to have a better year than before.

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