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LoL Daily Betting Tips – Thursday

League of Legends LPL Summer 2020

We have 2 interesting matches today on LPL Week 10, Day 4. Victory Five is already safe for the playoffs, while RNG still have to earn it. They have a chance. Here is a short analysis of Thursday matches.

MATCH: Victory Five vs Rogue Warriors

Date: Thursday, August 6th @ 11:00 CEST

The final hurdle for V5, Rogue Warriors once again found themselves falling short of the playoffs. In both spring and summer, the team started out poorly but started to ramp up towards the end of the split. While this is a sign of improvement, Rogue Warriors will need to improve even more for 2021. Victory Five have had one hell of a split so far. Regardless of what happens in playoffs, this team went from the worst record ever, having an 0:16 split, to playoffs. All of the players and members of the org should be proud of their road so far. Hopefully for them, and to the fans as well, the team maintains their level of play during their playoff run.

PICK: Victory Five, 1.25 @ BetOnBit


Date: Thursday, August 6th @ 14:00 CEST

While both teams do have a chance at playoffs, by the time this match goes live, it’s more than likely that both will be mathematically eliminated from the race. Fans of both of these teams were expecting more from their teams this year, but neither team ever looked like a contender. BLG brought over Fofo, a huge name from the LMS, as well as Kingen, a young top laner that competed with Smeb on KT. However, the team never clicked, and they never impressed this year either. And RNG, despite bringing XLB, a promising rookie from the LDL, they never got it together this year; Uzi’s retirement made the situation worse too. Both teams will be hoping for better things to come in 2021.

PICK: RNG, 1.36 @ BetOnBit

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Victory Five vs Rogue Warriors
Victory Five
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