Call of Duty by Charlie Cater June 29, 2020 3.16K

NICKMERCS’ MFAM Gauntlet June – Preview

Call of Duty MFAM Gauntlet

As we go into the MFAM Gauntlet June Main Event, we take a look at the format, competitors and my prediction.

Last month it was Team MFAM SuperEvan who won back to back tournaments taking home the $24,000 for the second month in a row. The team of SuperEvan, Ampz, Frozone and Etrain were too hot to handle, taking down the likes of Symfuhny, Vikkstar, Huskers and Nickmercs himself.


After three weeks of community qualifiers, the NICKMERCS MFAM Gauntlet June Main Event is set to happen. The winners of these community qualifiers win a cash prize and the chance to play in the Main Event. During the Main Event, teams of 4 have 3 hours to score as many points as possible from their best 5 games.

Following this, the 8 highest scoring teams will go into a single-elimination bracket where they will battle against another squad over 2 games in a Warzone Wednesday style format. To ensure that teams are balanced, the max overall K/D is 16.

MFAM Gauntlet June Scoring

Competitors (Subject to change)


  • Nickmercs
  • Swagg
  • SuperEvan
  • Uleet

Team AverageJoewo

  • AverageJoewo
  • Attach
  • Exzachtt
  • Gangstazsalute

Team Aydan

  • Aydan
  • Rated
  • UnRational
  • Deleo

Team CourageJD

  • CourageJD
  • NoahJ456
  • xAmpz
  • Rallied

Team Crimsix

  • Crimsix
  • FeLo
  • Bobbypoffgaming
  • Clayster

Team DougisRaw

  • DoudisRaw
  • CCanada
  • Timthetatman
  • TeePee

Team FaZe Bloo

  • FaZe Bloo
  • Clutchbelk
  • Med1cine
  • Royalize

Team FaZe Testy

  • FaZe Testy
  • Avemaster
  • Wineiety
  • FaZe Dirty

Team Gotaga

  • Gotaga
  • Rudy Gobert
  • Vincent Poirer
  • Mickalow

Team Jeremy

  • Jeremy
  • Zach
  • Brandon
  • Mason

Team Jetstik

  • Jetstik
  • Samerai
  • CCory

Team Jkap

  • Jkap
  • Enable
  • Galvanize
  • JohnMLG

Team Karma

  • Karma
  • Holly
  • Baken
  • FluffyHippo1927

Team King Richard

  • King Richard
  • MuTeX
  • Blazt
  • TMTwerk

Team Kyle Van Noy

  • Kyle Van Noy
  • Fricke Barstool
  • Nas
  • Ryygaming


  • DrewFrozone
  • Paradi12e
  • TheDezmond

Team Marquez

  • Marquez
  • Landon
  • Warzone Great
  • FirefighterDjay

Team Max Holloway

  • Max Holloway
  • PaceSetter
  • Honokai
  • AndyLacefield

Team Pamaj

  • Pamaj
  • Gunless
  • Skyz
  • Havok

Team Seth Curry

  • Seth Curry
  • Finessen
  • Rawrlo
  • Ray_Reeve

Team Smitty Barstool

  • Smitty
  • MRagsTV
  • Junior
  • Skullface49

Team Snypes

  • Snypes
  • Jtr1p
  • MasterTweaker
  • GD_booya

Team Symfuhny

  • Symfuhny
  • Huskers
  • Sebi
  • CheezyNacho

Team Vikkstar

  • Vikkstar
  • WarsZ
  • Jukeyz
  • Calfreezy


There are some exceptional teams entering the MFAM Gauntlet June Main Event. Most notably teams such as Team AverageJoewo (6.60 @ Midnite), Team Vikkstar (7.40 @ Midnite), Team Symfunny (7.60 @ Midnite) and Team Aydan (10.50 @ Midnite). However, my prediction to win it all is Team Vikkstar, the British squad should be able to dominate in Verdansk and take home the $24,000. After coming third in last month’s event, they’ll be looking to beat that and take first place. The addition of Calfreezy will improve this squad even further, while Vikk, WarsZ and Jukeyz have all improved themselves too.

MFAM Gauntlet June Odds

You can watch the MFAM Gauntlet on their Twitch Channel for an overview of the tournament with casters switching between POV’s. Or your favourite competitor should be streaming themselves. The leaderboard can be found here. Remember, it starts at 4PM EST and is scheduled to go on until 10PM, if you’re in the UK that’s 9PM – 3AM.

Tipster Betslip

Tournament Winner
Team Vikkstar
1.0u @ 7.40
Returned: 0.00u
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