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Worlds 2019 Quarterfinals: FunPlus Phoenix Vs. Fnatic Preview

With Europe completing their takeover of being able to have all three of their representatives make it into the quarterfinals, many are looking towards them to make the Cinderella story continue. Fnatic is one such hopeful, as they face off against FunPlus Phoenix, the LPL’s first seed team.

Although the first seed and second seed generally have a gap of skill between the two, FunPlus Phoenix have looked somewhat shaky through the group stages. Having some issues with their drafting, FunPlus Phoenix placed first in arguably one of the easiest groups of Worlds thus far. Fnatic will prove to be a challenge, unless FunPlus Phoenix come out hot from the start.

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Odds Head to Head

FunPlus Phoenix: 1.52

Fnatic: 2.46

With fairly close odds in the overall match take, FPX do hold slight weight over their opponents. If they are able to collect themselves, FunPlus Phoenix may be able to restrain and harness their raw early game aggression into advantages throughout the early game.

Fnatic, on the other hand, are looking to play upsets and continue their dreamlike run through the quarterfinals. Calmly waiting out and weathering the storm will be their primary goal, as challenging FunPlus Phoenix to early aggression may just lead to definite losses in skirmishes and teamfights. Overall, FunPlus Phoenix look to be poised to take the series. However, it will not go quietly and easily.

Our Pick: FunPlus Phoenix

Odds Match Spread:

Between the two, there is a fairly strong chance of the series going into a game 5. Both teams know how to strike at the weak points, and Fnatic have already proven that they can climb out of a hole if given enough of a safety line. Look towards Fnatic to head off and focus through scaling in Rekkles and Hylissang, while FunPlus Phoenix alternate between doinb and Gimgoon for the power cap.

The other thing to note is Fnatic’s potential to run with the surging crowd. If you wish to bet on one thing for Fnatic other than their skill, it is their European pride. If Fnatic go down to 0-2, look for them to push back into a reverse sweep, riding the momentum to an all time high. However, they must contain themselves at that point and be able to regulate their advantages. It is a tall order, so our pick still goes to FPX.

Our Pick: FPX 3:2

First Blood Odds

With the conditions of both of the teams, and their reputations, betting on the first blood of the match would be fairly easy. It just depends on the execution, and if FPX would be able to pull it off. In almost all instances of first blood, FPX have been seen tower-diving and gaining advantages through the solo lanes and garnishing an early game lead through that. On the other side, Fnatic in all of their matches thus far have gotten first blood through stalling to double digit minutes, and then picking off their opponents through mistakes. Given that FPX also come from a region known for their early game aggression, we would still go with FPX for first blood in all instances.

Our Pick: FunPlus Phoenix (doinb or Gimgoon)

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