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Worlds 2019 Quarterfinals: GRIFFIN Vs. Invictus Gaming Preview

To say that this matchup in the Quarterfinals will be the most interesting would be very much correct. With each of the other matches hosting a European representative, this match pits the LPL and LCK against each other. Both regions have a history of being the top dogs, and also have a history of going hard and loose in their matches. With the pride of the champions’ regions on the line, this one will definitely be a site to watch, as well as make a bit of money on some bets.

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Odds Head to Head


Invictus Gaming: 2.12

With only a .43 odds difference between the two, it may not make as much sense to bet on this match. GRIFFIN hold the second seed out of the LCK, while Invictus Gaming are the third seed out of the LPL. Both head monsters in their respective rights, with GRIFFIN boasting Tarzan and Chovy, two talented playmakers that were seen making their mark in the group stages. Invictus Gaming, however, host a talented roster on their end as well. Names such as Rookie, TheShy, and JackeyLove have cropped up numerous times in MVP rankings, and it will only be time that spells out their fates.

In an overall head-to-head, Invictus Gaming do look to be down a bit in terms of their odds. GRIFFIN took faster games in a relatively easier group compared to Invictus Gaming, with far fewer mistakes as well. Overall, I would have to give it to GRIFFIN still, but not without a close fight.


Match Spread Odds

Although GRIFFIN will probably take the match outright, the match spreads will definitely tell the story of a war. The many battles waged back and forth between the two will be bloody and quick paced. Of the many quarterfinals matches, this one would have the highest odds of going to all five games.

Our Pick: GRIFFIN 3:2

In terms of overall games played and the total map rotations needed, it would also be quite difficult. However, GRIFFIN do come from the LCK. Expect Invictus to take it quite to them strong, prolonging many of their total bets.

Our picks:

Total Maps: 3.5 Over
Map handicap: GRIFFIN -1.5, Invictus Gaming +1.5

Player Spotlights

For this match, since there are many high profile players on each team, there is a chance to focus on specific players. Whether for KDA, first blood checks, or participation, these players have the highest chance at making the highlight reel.

Our Pick (GRIFFIN): Chovy, Tarzan

For GRIFFIN, their stars and battery of the lineup come from their mid-jungle synergy. Chovy and Tarzan are both extremely talented, putting up incredible numbers for GRIFFIN through the group stages to make it to the quarterfinals. Most of the gold will be funneled into Chovy, so look for his kda to be spiking if GRIFFIN pick up a lead, with Tarzan claiming highest participation.

Our Pick (Invictus Gaming): Rookie, JackeyLove

Although it seems unoriginal to do so, both of the carries for Invictus Gaming have bene on a hot streak lately. Rookie has been able to handle just about anyone in the mid lane in the 1 versus 1, and JackeyLove has had incredible success building on advantages provided through Ning and help from TheShy in the top lane. Coupled with the fact that they had practice against what some would consider the second seed of the LCK in DAMWON Gaming, these two players are sure to put on a good show for us.

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