Esports Betting Discord Servers

Discord servers give people a chance to join both text and voice based chats within a single community. This flexibility works well for esports related activities as you can post text and images in one room, whilst chatting with your party in another. This makes it ideal for watching or playing games with friends as an alternative to Skype or TeamSpeak. Discord was created by games, for gamers, and it shows.

If you’re not familiar with Discord yet: Think Slack, except not full of links to spreadsheets and awkward work memes from Tim in accounting.

Discord communities exist for a vast array of reasons, but we’ve picked some of our favourite Discord servers for esports betting that we’re members of. We’ve even set up our own SickOdds Discord Server; so if you’re interested in joining an active community with representatives of the most popular sportbooks and the best esports betting bonuses then come and join us!

Discord has low latency in comparison to other communication platforms on the market, reducing the connection interference and slow down whilst playing a game in parallel.

Esports Betting Operators With Discord Communities

Esports focussed betting operators have been quick to create and moderate Discord servers to capture these communities and convert them to their platform.

Betting operators that offer esports betting markets are quickly learning that the majority their audience are active on Discord in a number of communities and benefit from that personal connection Discord brings with it. No longer are support teams “responding within 48 hours” via email, but instead are active in Discord communities posting memes from the latest esports match.

Although support is a large benefit of esports betting Discord servers, there is also the essence of community that comes with it. A collection of like-minded bettors with the same betting and esport interests in one place. It’s also a great place to keep updated of news, competitions and bonuses that the operator are running, with some operators even giving real-money bonuses for joining or being active on their Discord server.

Unofficial Discord Communities for esports bettors

Great for tips around upcoming matches and general discussions around esports as a whole. Some communities also benefit from unique partnerships with betting sites that allow them to give their users unique betting offers and bonuses that can’t be found elsewhere.

Most communities will be quite broad and focus on any number of esports titles that have available betting markets, so finding the community that’s right for you is more about the feel of the server and the other members actively contributing to the chat. Find a community where you feel welcomed and where there is an active flow of messages in the title(s) you’re interested in.

Community size will vary from small-to-large, though will generally be aimed at the more experienced bettor. In contrast to the official betting operator communities, this can sometimes be quite a large gap but good communities will be ready to help new bettors out and learn the nuances, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

We’ve selected a few of our favourite Discord servers that members of our team are active on. But if you run an esports Discord server and would like to be featured in this list, please get in touch and we’ll join up!

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