StarCraft 2 Betting

StarCraft II is real-time strategy game by Blizzard Entertainment, focusing Terrans, human exiles from Earth, and Protoss, super-species. It’s a one-vs-one affair when games get going, which means you can really root for an individual and support them with your bets.

StarCraft 2 Sportsbooks

StarCraft II is perhaps past its glory days, but there’s still a host of websites that lets you place bets on the game. You can check the sportbooks out by continuing on this page – good luck!

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StarCraft 2 Betting Bonuses

StarCraft II betting bonuses work in a similar way to team-based esports titles. There are a few options depending on the website you decide to use: deposit-dependant bonuses where you’re given anywhere from 25%-100% of your initial amount, no deposit bonuses where you’re given a sum of money to begin with, free bets where bets cost nothing at all, or cash-back bonuses where you’re given a percentage of the money you lost on a bet.


Latest on StarCraft 2

Learn More About StarCraft II Betting

StarCraft II has always been a tense, strategic esports title that is almost built for being spectated. With close, evenly-matched matches and the ever-present chance of somebody clawing their way back into the game, there’s a reason it’s stuck around for so long. Unlike most esports titles where it’s team based, the result of a match truly lies on each individual performance.

StarCraft II Meta

Updates to StarCraft II inevitably change the way the game is played, meaning players have to adjust to the different metas as they come into fruition. From characters receiving buffs to complete macro alterations, there’s plenty of changes in the game that professional players need to stay on top of.

International StarCraft II Scene

The StarCraft II circuit sees players from countries such as Finland, Germany, United States of America, and Korea competing. There’s even a separate circuit for Korean competitors, which makes complete sense when you consider that’s where the original StarCraft really became popular prior to anywhere else.

Helpful Resources

The StarCraft II WCS website will keep you up to date with all things esports-related, and the official StarCraft Esports Twitter can deliver all of the latest developments straight to your feed.