HeRoMaRinE Shocks the World at Katowice 2023

HeRoMaRinE stunned the StarCraft II world by beating Maru. Can he continue his success into Day 2?

Day one of the Group Stage of the StarCraft II tournament at IEM Katowice 2023 is in the books. The first day was full of high-tier play from ByuN, nearly making a historic comeback to GuMiho and herO’s complete domination. StarCraft II fans were absolutely spoiled by Day 1. 

But no storyline may be as big as HeRoMaRinE’s upset win over Maru on his way to going 2-0 and leading Group D at the end of the day. Maru came into the match as a -1250 betting favorite, with HeRoMinE`s moneyline being set at a very profitable +550, proving that anyone can win any day, especially at Katowice. 

Current Group Standings

Players are currently playing everyone in their Group in a best-of-3 match. Competitors are then ranked in their groups based on their match records, with map records breaking ties. With only 3 players from each group moving on in the tournament, each map is going to start to become more and more important for players competing for the 3rd seed. 

Stand-out performers so far include herO and GuMiho, both of whom have yet to drop a map. While HeRoMaRinE and Dark both sit at the top of their respective groups with 2-0 match records. However, there is still plenty of time for some of these dark horses to make runs in their remaining four matches.

Group A

  1. Dark (2-0) (4-1)
  2. Oliveira (1-1) (3-2)
  3. RagnaroK (1-1) (3-3)

Cure (1-1) (3-3)

5. Clem (1-1) (2-3)

6. Neeb (0-2) (1-4)

Group B

  1. GuMiho (2-0) (4-0)
  2. Reynor (2-0) (4-1)

Creator (2-0) (4-1)

4. Astrea (0-2) (1-4)

Spirit (0-2) (1-4)

6. ShoWTimE (0-2) (0-4)

Group C

  1. herO (2-0) (4-0)
  2. DRG (1-1) (2-2)
  3. Solar (1-1) (2-2)
  4. Serral (1-1) (2-2)
  5. SpeCial (1-1) (2-3)
  6. Elazer (0-2) (1-4)

Group D

  1. HeRoMaRinE (2-0) (4-2)
  2. Maru (1-1) (3-2)
  3. Classic (1-1) (3-2)
  4. Bunny (1-1) (2-3)

ByuN (1-1) (2-3)

6. Lambo (0-2) (2-4)

Day 2 Matchups and Betting Odds

Matchups to watch in this next round include Creator vs GuMiho, a matchup that oddsmakers are calling a pick ‘em. Both players have 2-0 match records; however, GuMiho sits at the top off of map records. A Creator win would not only help Creator in the standings but also Reynor, who also sits at 2-0 and behind GuMiho in maps won.

I also think that ByuN vs HeRoMaRinE will be a great match as the eyes of the StarCraft II world tune in to see if HeRoMaRinE’s improbable run through Katowice will continue or if ByuN will be able to recover from the heartbreaking loss to Maru as he continues towards his goal of qualifying out of groups. No matter what matches you watch, you’re in for some darn good StarCraft II. 

With plenty of matches, everyday odds are constantly being changed, and it’s always wise to check with different odds makers to see what you can get. Currently, going into Day 2, the lines are set as followed. 

Group A 

Dark (-333) vs RagnaroK (+220)

Clem (+195) vs Dark (-286)

Group B

Reynor (-400) vs ShoWTimE (+255)

Creator (-118) vs GuMiho (-118)

Astrea (-154) vs Creator (+110)

Reynor (-357) vs GuMiho (+235)

Group C

DRG (-556) vs Special (+325)

Serral (-286) vs Solar (+195)

Solar (-1000) vs Special (+475)

herO (+175) vs Serral (-250)

herO (-1250) vs Special (+550)

Solar (-222) vs DRG (+155)

Group D

Maru (-455) vs Bunny (+280)

ByuN (-250) vs HeRoMaRinE (+175)

HeRoMaRinE (-250) vs Lambo (+175)

Bunny (+130) vs ByuN (-182)

Bunny (-154) vs HeRoMaRinE (+110)

Maru (-2000) vs Lambo (+700)