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Artifact is an upcoming digital card game, developed by Valve for PC and mobile devices. The game is set to launch at the end of November, though much of it has already been showcased at various media days and public outings. Show more.

Artifact is more or less a traditional card game in the sense that each player will play cards in an attempt to control the board and eventually win the game. Valve’s addition to the genre will feature three ‘lanes’, or boards, making Artifact a deeper and more dynamic card game than others on the market.

While the game is yet to launch, Artifact has already generated some hype among fans of Valve, card games and esports alike, with a $1,000,000 tournament set to take place in 2019. With great betting odds and new markets sure to soon feature at the top esports betting sites, what better time to get familiar with one of the newest additions to the esports scene?

As there hasn’t yet been any competitive play of Artifact, match odds have not been set. The odds will generally work the same as in other esports betting markets, but if you’re new to betting you can use the following example to get an idea of how betting on Artifact matches will work once the game is launched:

The bookmaker has the odds of Player A beating Player B in an Artifact match at 4/1. This would mean you’ll make $4 for every dollar which you wager on Player A, if they win. As such, the bookie considers Player B a favourite, due to Player A having such high potential returns.

Artifact is sure to have a variety of betting sites to choose from on release, with most traditional esports bookies sure to make themselves available. This wide availability means you’ll have plenty of choice as a bettor to pick the site of your choice for optimal betting.

Not sure which esports betting site to choose? We make it easy to compare Artifact esports betting sites with our expert, unbiased ratings and reviews. We’ve covered everything that you need to know, from market depth to bonuses, before you sign up to start betting on Artifact. Show less.

Upcoming Matches

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Once Artifact betting markets are available, you’ll be able to use some of the best esports betting bonuses to top up your bankroll, whether you’re a new or returning bettor.

New customer bonuses are often some of the most generous offer found at esports betting sites. What better way to attract new punters in an increasingly competitive market? Some bookies reward your first deposit with a fixed figure or free bet, while others match a percentage of your stake - this is usually referred to as a matched deposit. Show more.

There are an increasing number of bookies offering bonuses that are offering bonuses that don’t even require an initial deposit. While the value of the bonus offered here is modest —usually between £5 and £10— no deposit bonuses are still a great way of getting a feel for your new sportsbook without spending a penny. Of course, most bonuses come with wagering requirements and other limits in place, so we recommend checking out the terms and conditions of any bonus before claim to find out just how rewarding it is. Show less.

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Artifact Betting Markets

Although it hasn’t yet launched, there are certain markets we can expect to find at just about every esports bookie offering Artifact coverage. The game may have some specific markets, such as lane win or something similar, which will be revealed in time. For now, here are the Artifact betting markets you’re mostly likely to find once the game is launched:

Match winner You're betting on the winner of the match
Tournament winner You're betting on the team to win the tournament
First tower You're betting on the player to destroy one of their opponent's towers first.

Picking a Winner

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With our impartial esports bookie reviews and shortlist of best Artifact betting site, we’ve made sure picking a bookie is easy. What might not be so straightforward, however, is picking a winner to add to your betslip.

The odds usually indicate who’s most likely to win. The bookies favourite is usually the better team, and the bookies get it right more often than not. However, the biggest rewards come to players who have done their research and can identify opportunities that arise when the bookies do get it wrong. As with any esports title, keeping track of players’ performances will be key to betting on Artifact. Watching matches on a regular basis will allow you to see who’s performing to the best of their ability and who’s struggling. From there, you can make an informed decision and place your bets accordingly.

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Artifact’s launch is imminent, meaning tournaments are just around the corner. Check here for the latest on Artifact esports, from upcoming tournaments to prize pools. We’ll keep you updated on everything you need to know to keep you ahead of the game when it comes to Artifact esports betting.

Learn More About Artifact

From the gameplay shown publicly at PAX West, Artifact is a game of strategic depth with plenty of variety. Don’t let that depth put you off, as it lends itself to gameplay which is dynamic and interesting to watch, which keeps everybody coming back for more.

Each Artifact game lasts between 10-20 minutes or so, making the games short enough to digest easily, while still having enough length to keep things varied for long-time viewers. As for the gameplay itself, Artifact is fairly simple in principle – winning requires one player to take the towers of two lanes, or one tower and then the ancient which spawns after a tower has been destroyed.


Artifact Gameplay

The gameplay of Artifact is generally similar to other card games, but there are some unique aspects which set it apart. For example, players will take turns on each board and draw at the start of each turn, but Artifact also has mechanics like the store, in which players will spend the gold they earn from destroying units on the board.

At the start of any given turn, each player will draw two cards (as opposed to the traditional one) from their deck to play across their boards. Then, each player will take turns playing cards on board one until both have finished, and then ‘combat’ takes place, in which each character will attack its neighbour. Any units destroyed will give gold to the attacker’s team, then play will move to the next lane. This continues on each lane until lane three, in which players will then purchase items and their turns will start over.


Cards in Artifact are units, spells, items, or improvements. Units and items will be familiar to players of other card games like Hearthstone, but items and improvements are more unique. Items are purchased with gold and can be placed on heroes to improve their stats, such as attack or health. Improvements are placed on the tower in the lane and can have several effects, such as giving that tower additional ‘mana’ (used to play cards with), or the ability to deal damage to a unit. The five ‘heroes’ on each team are chosen before the game by the player and are sorted into coloured categories.

Hero colours in Artifact are green, blue, red and black. Green heroes will generally rely on ‘ramp’ (a common card game mechanic) to accelerate play for their team. Blue heroes are strong in spells, which means their attack power is generally lower to compensate. This would be known as a control class in card games. Red heroes have a strong board presence in which they try to take down opponents with raw strength. These heroes will have a high statline, as a rule of thumb. Black heroes are interesting in that they are ‘deceptive’, have a high attack value and can gain gold quickly. They have spells which can have a great effect if played appropriately, and are close to the rogue of Hearthstone in characteristics.

Unlike other card games, hand and deck sizes in Artifact are unlimited, so players could, in theory, make a hundred-card deck. However, this is not advisable due to only two cards being drawn at the start turn, meaning you may never find some of your key cards.

Artifact Tournaments & Events

To date, the only announced Artifact tournament is the $1M tournament to be held in 2019, organised by Valve. However, with many tournament organisers already starting Artifact channels, such as Beyond the Summit, there are bound to be more esports tournaments soon to follow.

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Ready to bet on Artifact esports?

Now that you know all you need to know about Artifact esports, you’re probably ready to kick start your betting. To help you out, we’ve made it easy to find the best Artifact betting site for you by creating a carefully selected list of the best esports bookies out there. Take a look at our expert reviews and compare bookies to sign up, claim your bonus and get ready to bet on the next Artifact tournament. Of course, you’ll need to wait for the game to be released before you can bet, which gives you plenty of time to prepare!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I watch Artifact tournaments live?

When the tournaments begin they will be widely available for viewing, likely on and Valve’s new Steam-integrated streaming platform, Many betting websites will also likely have streams of Artifact embedded, so you won’t have look far for the action.

Can I use my mobile to place bets on Artifact?

Yes, the top esports bookmakers from our list have mobile-optimised web pages and mobile apps, so you can bet on Artifact esports from the palm of your hand. You’ll have access to the same bonuses and betting markets on your mobile, so you needn’t compromise on a thing.

How can I guarantee a winning bet on Artifact esports?

Unfortunately, you can’t. While there are plenty of betting pundits who claim to have fail-safe tips for Artifact betting, you shouldn’t take their advice as gospel. It’s important to remember that nothing is guaranteed and that every bet is a gamble. Researching each player, monitoring their past performance and reading up on esports tips will set you on the path to making the most-educated betting decisions.

Is it safe to bet on Artifact esports?

Yes, as long as you’re betting with a licensed bookmaker. Every esports betting site we recommend is licensed by a governing body, such as the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). This means they are held to high standards regarding the protection of customers and the safety of your money.

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