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Industry by Sasha October 19, 2020 491

It’s no news that esports is big right now. Comprising of core components like players, tournaments, and teams/franchises, and other resulting parts like online resources and betting sites, the industry is worth more than $1 billion and growing steadily. With this guaranteed potential for growth and increased revenue generation, business visionaries and esports loyalists alike […]

Industry by Sasha October 19, 2020 534

The fact is this: gamers love graphics. With every generation of consoles starting from 1994’s PlayStation, successive console evolutions have brought better graphics, faster gameplay, and all-around smoother gaming experience. From its origins, esports has been driven by the race for constant innovation to drive more realistic and immersive gaming experiences. Well, with Sony and […]

CS:GO by Sasha October 15, 2020 603

The Made in Brazil (MIBR) esports organization is looking to get three players before embarking on the upcoming tournaments. The organization is programmed to play at the BLAST Premier Fall at the end of October. Being one of the founding members of Flashpoint, the team is also expected to kick off its second season on […]

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Competition by Sasha October 14, 2020 1.58K

One of the famous titles in eSports, Overwatch, which has garnered many players since its inception in 2016, will be coming back with full packed features. Overwatch 2 has been expected by some players, as they yearn to get some more added features to their favorite game. The news of this game’s appearance has spread […]

Competition by Sasha October 14, 2020 544

The second season of a team-owned CS:GO league Flashpoint will return next month in an online series titled Flashpoint 2. Tournament organizer B Site Inc. recently announced first details of competition, which will feature 12 teams fighting for their share of an enormous $1 million prize pool. Flashpoint 2 will kick off on November 9th and will conclude in Grand Final scheduled […]

Industry by Sasha October 14, 2020 691

Esports attracting more and more attention. The comparison between esports and traditional sports has been made countless times and while some still ardently argue that it doesn’t deserve that recognition, they are now becoming the minority. Despite this somewhat vocal minority however, esports are attracting a lot of attention from both spectators and even big-name […]

Industry by Sasha October 14, 2020 566

The early days of gaming at school Remember when video games were just starting to make their way out onto the playground at school? Everyone would gather under the shade of a nearby tree or structure and watch their classmate play one of the classic games. Questions were asked and quickly answered about the amazing […]

Events by Sasha October 13, 2020 616

Recap: This is one of the biggest weekends for League of Legends, and after this weekend the League of Legends World Championships will advance to the next round, the quarterfinals. October 10th and 11th will be the final days of group play, then there will be a short break prior to the opening of the […]

Industry by Sasha October 13, 2020 598

Esports betting is booming Esports might have had a difficult year navigating the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and losing live event revenue in the process, but they could more than makeup for it when wagering is factored in In fact, esports gambling could end up being a multi-billion dollar this year alone and has the potential […]

Latest by Sasha October 13, 2020 533

What separates esports from other sports? Accessibility. Believe it or not, that is one of the biggest reasons for esports success today and could even help it turn into the next sports juggernaut down the lien Think about it! Video games are so engrained in our culture at this point that they are almost everywhere. […]

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