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Events by Laura Byrne April 30, 2019 347

The EU Masters headed to Haymarket Theatre in Leicester this past weekend with Misfits Premier and SK Gaming Prime competing in the grand final. The tournament saw twenty teams from thirteen different European regions go head-to-head for a share of a €150,000 prize pool.  Your 2019 #EUMasters Spring Champions: @MisfitsGG Premier! 🏆 pic.twitter.com/rEqyt9hglG — lolesports […]

Drama by Tom Wade April 26, 2019 309

League of Legends streamer and Team Liquid’s top-sub, Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni, received a 30 day ban after the platform interpreted him as saying the “n-word” live on stream. The Team Liquid streamer, known for his insane talents on champion Irelia, was streaming on Twitch towards the end of a losing game, when he allegedly […]

League of Legends by Laura Byrne April 18, 2019 244

G2 Esports have been crowned the winners of the LEC Spring Split finals after a dominating 3-0 series against Origen. The best-of-five series took place live from Rotterdam and saw a whole host of interesting champion picks and plays. The first match saw G2 picked up the Sona and Taric bot lane combo which has […]

League of Legends by Laura Byrne April 11, 2019 302

After eleven weeks of intensive competition, this weekend will finally see one League of Legends team crowned the winner of the LEC Spring Split. Unlike previous years, the LEC live shows, will play host to a semi-finals and finals match with three teams fighting for first, instead of the traditional first, second and third place […]

Interview by Felicity Wade April 11, 2019 313

The UK League Championship (UKLC) offers the chance for UK League of Legends teams to compete in a knockout style tournament, in a bid to accumulate championship points and earn a spot in the EU Masters. A large proportion of the most well known League of Legends players and teams are North American or European, […]

Events by Laura Byrne April 04, 2019 409

Riot Games and ESL have unveiled the full details for the 2019 League of Legends European Masters which will see the finals at Leicester Haymarket Theatre. The twenty participating teams from thirteen different European regions will go head-to-head for their share of a €150,000 prize pool. Starting April 8th-11th, the EU masters will play host […]

League of Legends by Laura Byrne April 03, 2019 451

Fnatic Rising have been crowned the winners of the first UK League of Legends Championship with a dominating victory over Diablous. While there was some early back and forth, Fnatic Rising picked up the win with a 3-0 series. Felix “MagiFelix” Boström was named MVP of the series with a 20/4/25 KDA throughout the three […]

League of Legends by Laura Byrne March 29, 2019 371

The first regular split of LEC has concluded and the All-Pro team for the Spring Split has been unveiled. The full list was put together by teams, casters, and journalists who were asked to rank each player on their season performance. The full list of expert votes can be found here, however, below are the […]

Events by Laura Byrne March 28, 2019 355

Riot UK has announced that Forge of Champions is returning this spring, as the UKLC Split is set to reach its conclusion. The tournament will see the UK and Ireland’s top amateur players go head-to-head against the best UKLC League of Legends teams. Teams who qualify will have the chance to win a lion’s share […]

League of Legends by Laura Byrne March 25, 2019 408

Red Bull have announced they are partnering with Riot Games EU for an amateur League of Legends 1v1 tournament, Red Bull Player One. Starting on April 1st, players will compete across 28 participating countries all over the world in online qualifiers and offline events. The best national players will then get the chance to head […]

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