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Industry by Tom Wade August 06, 2019 854

Match fixing has been an issue in esports in the same way that it affects traditional sports. Whether the reason be for player profit, outside influence or favours owed, in the lower tiered esports tournaments there have been a fair share of accusations. In a proactive effort to prevent this, Riot has partners with data […]

League of Legends by Laura Byrne July 26, 2019 841

Riot Games and ESL have announced that the EU Masters is returning for its fourth season this Summer. The tournament will see the top 20 teams from Europe’s Regional Leagues go head-to-head for the European Masters trophy and their share of the €150,000 prize pool. THE FORMAT The Play-In stage will start on September 9th with […]

Events by Laura Byrne July 17, 2019 1.77K

Updated July 18th 2019: Buff.bet now offers odds on Teamfight Tactics! Teamfight Tactics is just under a month old and Twitch Rivals is already hosting the games first official tournament. Starting July 17, 64 Twitch streamers will go head-to-head over two days for a share of the $125,000 (£99,000) prize pool. Here is everything you […]

Latest by Felicity Wade July 10, 2019 997

Teamfight Tactics is the talk of the town right now since its initial release on June 10th, just shy of one month ago. The game is a spin off from the esport classic title, League of Legends, and is currently only available via PC or Mac software, but could this be about to change? Rumoured […]

League of Legends by Tom Wade July 05, 2019 1.53K

Game throwing is something that has plagued both esports and traditional sports for decades. This is when a player or team intentionally loses a game by doing uncharacteristic things or making intentional mistakes, rather than just forfeiting. In the world of esports this has recently been a talking point around the team Unicorns of Love. […]

League of Legends by Tom Wade June 29, 2019 891

Riot’s new Pro View, powered by interactive streaming platform Znipe.tv, offers a premium, feature-rich viewing experience for both LCS and LEC games. This premium service provides viewers with some fantastic features, including: Multiview: Watch up to four synchronised streams (POV or main event) at once during live games and VODs Advanced Timeline: Kills, tower takedowns […]

League of Legends by Laura Byrne June 28, 2019 414

The first day of Rift Rivals is officially over and the European teams have already made their mark. The day started off with a show-match which saw some of the most historic players from EU and NA go head-to-head. While NA managed to take the win, it was the only victory they would see that […]

Industry by Felicity Wade June 25, 2019 867

Brexit has somewhat monopolised the news as of late and for quite some time now, with the decision to either ‘leave’ or ‘remain’ in the European Union being at the forefront of our minds. With that decision still in the making, Brexit has undoubtedly had various affects on the country and many independent and large […]

Drama by Felicity Wade June 20, 2019 762

When it comes to any form of game playing there are rules and regulations that you have to confine to in order to keep things fair, just, and sometimes in more serious circumstances, to keep things legal. If and when these rules are broken there can be very real consequences and a situation such as […]

League of Legends by Laura Byrne June 18, 2019 519

UK esports organisation Excel has named Belong Gaming Arenas as its official arena partner. The partnership will see Excel and Belong collaborate in a number of events for esports fans up and down the UK. Key events have been announced to happen at TwitchLDN, Insomnia 65 and Insomnia 66. Additionally, Excel’s players will take part […]

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