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League of Legends by Charlie Cater August 02, 2020 1.47K

Riot Games has announced that the 2020 League of Legends World Championships (Worlds) will be hosted in Shanghai. The tournament will begin on September 25th and finish on October 31st. This year’s Worlds will be slightly different to previous with all games played in Shanghai. Usually, Worlds takes place across many cities in China for […]

League of Legends by Tom Wade June 18, 2020 1.35K

There are many differences between betting on regular sports and esports, but one thing that tends to stick out the most is the sense of the immediate when it comes to betting on the latter. If, for example, you were to think about betting on LoL, you likely picture match-up between two teams and not […]

Industry by Tom Wade June 11, 2020 2.13K

To celebrate the LEC and LCS Summer Split 2020 starting, Midnite are giving their bettors a chance to win some League of Legends goodies just by using the sportbook. Over this coming weekend, between 12/06 and 15/06, all you need to do is place a £10+ bet on an LCS or LEC match and you’ll […]

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Events by Henrieta Hyrlikova May 27, 2020 5.34K

Prepare your bets because there is literally only few hours left until 2020 Mid-Season Cup in League of Legends starts! Eight of the top LoL teams from Korea and China are going to battle in an action packed 4-day tournament.  The competition starts on Thursday May 28, at 09:00 CET and will be held completely […]

Industry by Henrieta Hyrlikova March 26, 2020 2.24K

A decade after debut of League of Legends, Riot Games is strengthening its presence in the industry, revealing several projects from its production to be launched in 2020. We are looking forward not only to expansion of League of Legends universe in multiple spinoffs, but also a brand new tactical shooter Valorant with a great […]

League of Legends by Daniel Le March 25, 2020 1.90K

Team Liquid has had a singular hold over the North American region for the past few years. Split after split, they would single-handedly demolish any team that stood in their way, taking first in almost every regional season since the Summer of 2018. Cloud9, on the other hand, has always been a contender. During their […]

League of Legends by Daniel Le March 12, 2020 2.86K

After their miraculous run in the 2019 Worlds tournament, Team Liquid looked poised to dominate the North American League Championship Series once again. Having been pretty much the only strong horse to make it into contention the past few years, everyone was fairly sure that they would completely wreck it again. However, the start of […]

Bets by Daniel Le March 08, 2020 1.80K

Just as with any great competitive esport title, the game is constantly evolving and changing in ways that may or may not be advantageous for some people in the competitive scene. One of the ways that developers attempt to keep the game fresh and entertaining for those watching and playing is through the constant usage […]

League of Legends by Daniel Le February 24, 2020 1.94K

With the start of the 2020 season having come and gone, it’s a wonder about how the second half of the spring split will end. However, for the LEC, one thing is certain: the kings of Europe are not alone. Although starting out with a strong 6-0, their matches seemed strained and many of the […]

Latest by Felicity Wade January 21, 2020 1.32K

Until now, Burger King has always been associated with fried food delicacies at affordable prices, yet now the gigantic fast food chain is the latest to become involved in the esports community by becoming a sponsor for Riot Games and the 4Entertainment’s Belgian League. It has been confirmed that the burger franchise will be the national league’s third key sponsor for a […]

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