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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Betting Sites

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is rapidly becoming a fully-fledged esport, bet on any of the competitive matches with the sportbooks below. As PUBG esports grows in popularity, you can expect to see betting opportunities crop up across even more of the top esports bookmakers and betting sites.

We’ve selected some of the best sportsbooks that currently offer betting markets on PUBG events and our unbiased expert reviews can help you select the site that best matches your preferences. You’ll be able to pick out a favourite based on bonuses, odds and mobile compatibility.. Think you might want to bet on other esports as well as PUBG? We’ve highlighted all the titles available at that betting site to make comparing esports bookies even easier.

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PUBG Betting Bonuses

Betting bonuses for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can be similar to those in traditional sports and other esports titles. Typically, they depend on the website you choose to join.

The majority of bonuses are gauged on the amount of your initial deposit – ranging anywhere from 25% to 100% of the sum you first use. Other bonus options, known as “no deposit” bonuses, are where you’re gifted with a small amount of money to begin betting with. If you’re calculated, and perhaps have a bit of luck on your side, then you can flip that amount into a tidy sum and not have to dig into your pockets at all!

The most common type of esports betting bonus is a matched deposit, and can see betting sites reward players with as much as 200% of their first deposits. Other sites treat players to a free bets bonus, activated when you deposit a minimum amount. If you’re lucky, you may even stumble upon a no deposit bonus, which means you can bet on your favourite PUBG tournaments without even touching your own cash.

Virtually all PUBG betting bonuses will have restrictions, such as minimum odds and wagering requirements, which means the biggest bonus isn’t always the best. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the bonus terms and conditions before you sign up to make sure you’re really getting the best deal on the market.

PUBG Betting Markets

PUBG is well on its way to becoming a well established esport with a strong pool of competitors and some clear bookies favourites. In the meantime, the title of best PUBG team well and truly up for grabs, offering plenty of opportunities to beat the bookie. Gamescom 2017 saw Luminosity win the PUBG Invitational, despite being priced at 13.00 by Bet365. This example goes to show just how much betting value is up for grabs during PUBG’s early days.

With its Battle Royale-style gameplay, PUBG is quite unlike conventional multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) or first-person shooter (FPS) games, such as League of Legends, Dota 2 or CS:GO. As a result, the number of markets on offer isn’t as vast as some of these more established titles. While we do expect this to change in the future, let’s take a look at some of the betting markets you can currently expect to find at top sportsbooks:

  • Outrights
    Much like most other esports, outright markets were the first offered for PUBG, shortly following the PUBG 2017 Invitational at Gamescom. As you probably already know, this market allows you to make your pick for the overall winner of an upcoming tournament.
  • Map Winner
    You’re betting on a particular team to win one map round, out of a series of maps
  • Most Kills
    Some bookies offers odds on a team to finish a game with more kills than their opponent.

Latest PUBG Betting Updates

Stay up to date on the latest PUBG esports betting information to keep your esports betting ahead of the game. We keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to PUBG tournaments, betting markets and prize pools, reporting back to you as soon as the news is on our radar.

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Learn More About Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Betting

PUBG is the first Battle Royale title to be fully embraced as an esport title, and it still has quite a way to go if it wants to reach the viewership and acclaim of titles such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Dota 2. Nonetheless, it’s the first game of its genre to really attempt to become a competitive game, and it’s exciting to see it develop.

It’s hard to consistently be the best team in every individual match, with the circle landing in a random spot in each instance. This means the game rewards those who can adapt to each situation they’re put in and can come through with the goods when their backs are against the wall. It’s a raw, tense esport that’s only going to get bigger.

How to Play PUBG

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Competitive PUBG typically sees a series of games take place to account for the random elements of the game, such as where equipment spawns and where the deadly circle lands on the map.

A player’s journey begins by being dropped on the island. Professional teams tend to have favoured locations to land and hunt. Squads spend the first few minutes of a game collecting armour and weapons, in the hope of amassing an advantage over their enemies. This can help throughout the rest of the match, so it’s vital that they search thoroughly.

After all players have landed, an increasingly-constricting area surrounds the players – forcing them into a closer vicinity to their opponents. PUBG can be played in three formats: solos, duos, and squads (which contain four players per team). PUBG esports consists of teams of four, though there are two-versus-two tournaments available online.

Playing a tournament over 12 rounds, for example, gives teams a fair chance to accumulate a number of points – which is made up of kills and round placements – so the best team on the day can emerge victorious.

Picking a Winner

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You’d think that since PUBG has random elements to the game that it’s impossible to find favorable teams and likely winners, but you’d be wrong. The very best sides can adapt to different situations and use survival tactics in dire straits to acquire more points.

As PUBG is a relatively new game, it’s still too early to declare a team as the very best. There are, however, a few top teams to keep an eye out for. 2017’s Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Oakland saw Tempo Storm, Ghost Gaming and FaZe Clan rank among the top teams in the final standings. French team aAa, who now represent Team Vitality, walked away with the top prize – $60,000.

Since there is a plethora of online tournaments and leagues, it’s possible to regularly tune in to competitive matches. Watching PUBG events is a great way to assess competitors and identify future betting opportunities. Remember, it isn’t just about figuring out which team is the best. Bettors who develop in-depth knowledge of the game and are aware of the factors that influence the outcome of a match are much more likely to enjoy success at the bookies.

It’s impossible to accurately predict a winning bet every single time, but that’s where fun and intensity is bred. You can undoubtedly make informed decisions or pick a favourite team to back, though.

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Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Meta

PUBG Corporation, the company behind PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, is ramping up the amount of updates, tweaks, and changes that it brings to the game.

This means that the meta will be ever-changing – especially with new maps set to come into play – professional teams are already constantly fine-tuning their strategies based on the weapons and gear they acquire throughout each match.

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International Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Scene

With the position PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is in at the moment, most tournaments are international in one way or another.

It features teams quite literally from around the world, as they travel to destinations such as Katowice, Poland and Bucharest, Romania to stake their claim as the best team in the world!

There are numerous online leagues for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, so subsequently there’s plenty of opportunity for you to watch teams in action.

From here, you can keep an eye on the frequent winners or those who you believe are dark horses leading into an upcoming tournament

Pick Your Favourite Sportsbook

Now that we’ve taken you through the ins and outs of betting on PUBG, you’re well on your way to becoming a successful bettor. Fancy a flutter on the next PUBG event? You can compare the best esports betting sites right here. We’ve featured the most trusted PUBG betting sites, generous bonuses and best odds available online. All that’s left for you to do is pick and place your bets!

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Betting FAQ