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League of Legends is perhaps the most popular MOBA title on the planet, developed and published by gaming giant Riot Games in 2009. Competitions are truly global by definition and are all organised to the highest of levels from Riot Games itself, with at least 20 major tournaments taking place every single year at a variety of times. With so much happening on the League of Legends esports scene, it’s no wonder that so many esports bookies offer betting markets on the title.

Our expert, unbiased reviews of each LoL betting site makes sportsbook comparison a breeze. We cover everything you need to know, from bonuses, odds and market depth so you can select a favourite.

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Bonuses for NBA 2K Betting

When you sign up with a new bookie, you’ll receive some sort of reward more often than not. There are a few different forms of betting bonuses available depending on the website or bookie that you’re using. You’ll find that matched deposit bonuses are pretty common – esports betting sites reward new players with anywhere from 25% to 200% of their initial deposit as bonus betting funds.

If you’d rather get familiar with NBA 2K betting before making a deposit, you’ll want to keep an eye out for no deposit bonuses. While the bonuses on offer are relatively modest, they allow you to get a feel for your newly chosen esports betting site with no strings attached.

Welcome bonuses only come around once, of course, but there are plenty of rewards on offer once your introductory offer expires. Cashback bonuses, free bet clubs and enhanced odds accumulators are just a few perks found at some of the best esports bookies.

Upcoming NBA 2K Events

Unlike most other esports, fans of the competitive 2K scene don’t have to wait long between events to place their bets. The NBA 2K League regular season sees teams facing off every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The season is 18 weeks long, tipping off in April and concluding in August with the NBA 2K League Finals. A full list of the upcoming 2K League events can be found below.

warriors 2k

Choosing a Winning Bet

With the unpredictable nature of esports, it’s pretty much impossible to land a winner with every bet you place. However, an educated guess wins more often than a stab in the dark, so it could literally pay to be in the know. Much like its NBA counterpart, the 2K league site logs the league standings. Not only do these standings display how a team has fared in the season, but they also show a club’s home and away record, as well as any streak they may be on. You’ll also be able to view individual player statistics such as points, assists, and rebounds.

Of course, stats only tell half the story. While you could enjoy success betting on the 2K League relying on statistics alone, watching 2K League games will give you a better insight into the competitive scene. You’ll be able to keep up with every second of 2K action online – all NBA 2K League games and tournaments will be streamed on Twitch and available to view on demand after the live broadcasts.

NBA 2K Betting Markets

As a relatively new esport, and the first official esports league operated by a US professional sports league, it’s no surprise that the betting markets for NBA 2K League matches are fairly limited. Most bookies offer outright betting and moneyline betting, which allows punters to back a team to win the championship or any particular matchup, respectively. However, if betting on NBA 2K becomes popular amongst bettors, we’d expect bookies to replicate at least a few of the 100+ NBA markets on offer for basketball betting, such as handicap betting, point spreads and over/under betting – watch this space.

  • Match Winner
    You’re betting on the winner of the match.
  • Outright Winner

Latest 2K Betting News

Following the success of the inaugural season and the introduction of an NBA 2K League draft, it seems the esport is here to stay and is likely to grow from strength to strength. Want to stay up to date with all 21 teams from the league? Sick Odds has you covered, with the latest from Knicks Gaming to 76ers GC.

Gambling Violations Rock NBA 2K League

Gambling and sports betting are a few industries that continue to grow, and it has also created some issues over the last few years. The NBA 2K League is now dealing with this problem, and it caused the suspensions of some players and a coach. 

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Learn More About NBA 2K Betting

You don’t have to be king of the court to enjoy success as an NBA 2K bettor, but we do recommend brushing up on your NBA 2K knowledge before heading to the bookies. Let us take you through the need-to-know information.

NBA 2K Basics

2K League games are played in Pro-Am mode, which features players competing as unique characters in 5v5 gameplay. Rather than using their own MyPlayer, or NBA players, competitors use archetypes with preset skills, to provide a level playing field. No artificial intelligence will be used – playing ability is strictly determined by skill. All archetypes of the same position have the same height and weight:

  • Point Guard – 6’4″, 195 lbs
  • Shooting Guard – 6’6″, 210 lbs
  • Small Forward – 6’8″, 230 lbs
  • Power Forward – 6’11”, 240 lbs
  • Center – 7’1″, 260 lbs

Players at each position can choose from the following archetypes:

  • Point guard: Shot-Creating Slasher, Shot-Creating Sharpshooter, Slashing Playmaker, Sharpshooting Playmaker or Playmaking Shot Creator
  • Shooting guard: Playmaking Slasher, Sharpshooting Defender, Slashing Shot Creator, Sharpshooting Shot Creator or Pure Sharpshooter
  • Small forward: Shot-Creating Slasher, Sharpshooting Shot Creator, Pure Sharpshooter, Slashing Defender or Sharpshooting Slasher
  • Power forward: Slashing Rim Protector, Rebounding Athletic Finisher, Slashing Post Scorer, Two-Way Rebounder or Sharpshooting Rim Protector
  • Center: Post-Scoring Athletic Finisher, Slashing Rebounder, Pure Rim Protector, Slashing Stretch Five or Rebounding Post Scorer

Each individual archetype has its own unique set of skills. Let’s take the point guard position, for example. A sharpshooting playmaker’s primary strength would be passing and ball handling, complemented by a secondary strength of three-point shooting. For a real-life comparison, think Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. On the other hand, a playmaking shot creator would excel at shot creating, with its secondary strengths being passing and ball handling, much like John Wall of the Washington Wizards. Check out the 2K League website for a full list of attributes and badges for all 25 archetypes.

NBA 2K League Format

nba 2k league

After an inaugural season which featured 17 teams, the league has expanded, now consisting of the following 21 teams:

76ers GC, Blazer5 Gaming, Bucks Gaming, Cavs Legion GC, Celtics Crossover Gaming, Grizz Gaming, Hawks Talon GC, Heat Check Gaming, Jazz Gaming, Kings Guard Gaming, Knicks Gaming, Lakers Gaming, Magic Gaming, Mavs Gaming, Nets GC, Pacers Gaming, Pistons GT, Raptors Uprising GC, T-Wolves Gaming, Warriors Gaming Squad, Wizards District Gaming

The NBA 2K League season consists of regular season games, three tournaments and the championship deciding playoffs.

The regular season games determine seeding for the playoffs, while the three in-season tournaments (The Tipoff, The Turn and The Ticket) won’t count towards a team’s 16-game regular season record. Instead, they will serve as a tiebreaker for the playoffs.

The seven teams with the best record, along with the winner of The Ticket will qualify for the playoffs. If The Ticket winner is one of the league’s eight best teams, then the top eight teams will make the playoffs. The quarter finals of the playoffs are played as single elimination games, while the semi finals and finals are best of three series.

Bet on NBA 2K

Fancy a flutter on the NBA 2K League? We’ve taken you through the ins and outs – all that’s left for you to do is pick a bookie and get started. Check out our carefully curated list of NBA 2K betting sites to claim your welcome bonus and bet on this fast growing esport today.

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