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Censor Announces CoD Retirement

One of the legendary Call of Duty professional players has announced his retirement, and it’s going to leave a massive hole in the esports community. Doug “Censor” Martin has consistently been one of the best CoD players in the world, but he has decided that it’s time to put the controller away for good. 

More Big Changes to Call of Duty

The Call of Duty League continues to bring some great excitement and entertainment, but that’s not all of the major news surrounding this game. Like other popular esports games, there have been a number of updates made to the current version of the game. 

More Issues With Call of Duty

Call of Duty continues to be a game that is popular with esports players, but some of the professional players are continuing to call out some issues with the latest updates. Since Call of Duty is now being played at a very high level, the top professionals are expecting the game to be perfect. 

Call of Duty Integrating With FACEIT

The news surrounding Call of Duty never ceases to stop, but this time the news is coming from the Challengers side of things. The Call of Duty Challengers League is a chance for players to try to become professional players, and it is making big changes in 2024. 

Call of Duty Players Pointing Out Problems

Call of Duty League championships
The Call of Duty League is back after winter break, and there will be plenty of action over the next few months before a new champion is crowned. Call of Duty continues to be one of the most played video games, and it has really helped to put esports on the market. 

A Look at the Call of Duty 2024 Schedule

The esports world just continues to grow and become more popular, but Call of Duty remains one of the top options in this industry. 2023 proved to be a successful year for Call of Duty leagues all throughout the world, and you should expect much of the same in 2024.