More Esports Tournament News

While many of the top esports news stories stem from the action that is taking place, there are still other stories that pop up from time to time. This weekend saw a number of big news pop up, and most of that was centered around some upcoming tournaments. 

Since the world of esports just continues to get more and more popular, many companies are looking to get involved in the tournament action. Not only is that a huge benefit for the players, but new tournaments also generate plenty of excitement for fans. 

Here is a look at three big news stories that just came out about some potential upcoming esports tournaments. 

BLAST Coming to Texas

BLAST is a big name in the world of esports as it continues to set up and run tournaments throughout the world. That company recently announced that it will be launching a new Counter-Strike 2 tournament, and that action will be taking place in Austin, Texas. 

This will be just the second Counter-Strike 2 Major to be put on by BLAST, and it’s one that should generate plenty of fan excitement and engagement. The official name for this event will be the Austin Major 2025, and it’s going to slot into the month of June on the calendar. 

As many as 50,000 fans are expected to be in attendance for this event, and it’s going to be one of the biggest esports events in the United States. The city of Austin is going to be benefit as well as this tournament is expected to generate close to $40 million in revenue in the first year alone. 

Live Nation has jumped on board as a partner, and that is a huge entertainment company that deals with tickets. North America has been host to many major esports events, but this will be the first Counter-Strike Major in more than seven years. 

There have been some major changes to the Counter-Strike competitive league, and that will lead to some great action in 2025 and beyond. 

Amateurs Getting Involved

While the news of the BLAST Premier Austin was the biggest news surrounding this sport, there was another tournament announcement that made headlines. Thunderpick and HEROIC have joined forces to launch a new Counter-Strike 2 tournament that will allow amateurs to compete with professional players. 

The Path to Pros Counter-Strike 2 tournament is an extremely unique event as both professional and amateurs will be competing for the same prize pool. Those two groups of players will be split up initially, but then they will come together to battle things out. 

16 teams will ultimately qualify for the tournament at the end of the year, and that is going to be an event that is streamed for the world to enjoy. HEROIC is a large esports organization that competes in many different leagues and tournaments throughout the year. 

There are still going to be some things to work out with this event, but it should lead to some exciting action. 

Call of Duty Added to World Cup

The ESports World Cup is coming soon, and it continues to be an event that many are looking forward to. There will be some Call of Duty action coming to the Esports World Cup, and two versions of the game are going to be played. 

Modern Warfare 3 and Call of Duty Warzone will be the two versions of the game that are played, and each version will attract different players. There are still some details that are left out about how this is going to take place, but players and teams are lining up to get into the mix.