Rainbow Six (R6) Betting

Released in 2015, Rainbow Six Siege continues to grow in popularity across the esports scene. With prize pools topping $500,000 at some global tournaments, there’s plenty of money to be won at online bookies. Each tournament and league has a number of teams involved, so there’s a plethora of opportunities awaiting you. If you’re not sure where to start, you’re in the right place. Show more.

This first person shooter (FPS) game is centered around killing your enemies, with a major emphasis on environmental destruction and teamwork. Playing as either an attacker or defender, there are an extensive number of characters available to you – each with its own skill set, weapons, and equipment. The main objective is to either rescue a hostage or plant a bomb that successfully destroys the surrounding area.

Looking for more information on Rainbow Six Siege betting, including where you can bet and who you might back? We’ve got you covered!

Betting odds indicate the likelihood of your bet paying out, and the expected return for your bet, so it’s important to understand the odds before you place your wager to ensure that you’re placing your money in the right place The odds for Rainbow Six: Siege betting will vary depending on tournament and the market you’re betting on, but let’s take a look at an example to get things clear:

Betway recently offered betting markets on the Six Major tournament in Paris. The odds for the match winner, in a game between team Liquid and team Vitality were at 7/20 for Liquid to win, and 39/20 for Vitality to reign victorious. This means that bettors could have won £7 for every £20 bet on Liquid, and £39 for every £20 for Vitality.

While match odds indicate the likelihood of a certain result, it’s important to remember that they don’t guarantee anything. This means that, while placing your money on the bookies’ favourite might seem like a safe bet, there’s still a chance that the underdogs could pull through. Show less.

Upcoming Matches

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Looking for the best sites to bet on Rainbow Six: Siege esports? We’ll ist them all here as they become available. As the game continues to develop on the esports scene, a wider range of bookies are offering betting markets on Rainbow Six: Siege events. Show more.

You’ll find bookmakers with RS6 betting markets right here, each with its own expert review. In these reviews we cover everything you need to select the right bookmaker for your esports betting preferences, from betting bonuses to odds and market depth. These expert reviews are unbiased, so you can rest assured that you’re on the right path to finding the perfect RS6 betting site for you. Show less.

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Each esports bookmaker has its own bonuses for Rainbow Six: Siege, among other esports titles, which means there are plenty of exciting rewards to choose from- especially for new esports bettors.

Free bets and matched deposit bonuses are the most common esports welcome bonuses, and give new customers the chance to boost their betting budget with free cash after they’ve made a deposit. You might even be lucky enough to get your hands on a no deposit esports bonus, which allows you to place bets without spending a penny of your own money. Show more.

Be sure to read the terms and conditions of each bonus before you sign up to familiarise yourself with any minimum odds restrictions and wagering requirements that might apply.

Esports bookmakers also offer promotions to keep existing customers coming back for more, and Betway’s ‘weekly objective’ is a perfect example of this. Bettors need to fulfil a series of weekly tasks to receive a bonus reward, which can be used to bet on a range of esports markets. Show less.

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Rainbow Six Siege Betting Markets

Rainbow Six: Siege events offer plenty of exciting betting opportunities, and the top betting sites cover so much more than outright winner markets.

Take advantage of in-play betting opportunities at esports bookmakers to place bets according to real-time gameplay.

Popular R6 betting markets are:

Region winner This is a bet on the region of the winner. These bets will depend on the tournament, and which players can participate.
Group winner This is a bet on the group the outright winner is from.
Map winner You’re betting on a particular team to win a certain map within Rainbow Six Siege. Some operators are naturally more suited to elements of specific maps, so this might influence your bet.
Match winner Bets on the match winner are some of the most popular bets and, as the name suggests, sees punters bet on the winner of a match.
Tournament finalist This is a bet on a team to reach the final round of a tournament, and offers more options that a bet on the outright winner.
Correct Score This bet can be placed at each stage of a tournament, and your bet may be influenced by a team’s gameplay history.
Handicap Certain maps will present more difficulties to particular teams, depending on their operator composition. Handicap bet try to offset these disadvantages, which means there’s more value in betting on a match between a well-known professional team and an underdog.
Outright Winner This is a bet on a team to reach the final round of a tournament, and offers more options that a bet on the outright winner.

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Want to keep up to date on the everything there is to know about Rainbow Six: Siege betting? You’re in the right place. We’ve got the latest news on upcoming RS6 esports events, teams to watch and new season meta, so you can stay in the loop.

Who to back?

This will depend on the exact R6 tournament or league in question, since each will accommodate for varying levels covering teams in different regions. We’d recommend taking a look at a team’s success on a particular map, or against certain opponents to better understand which team you should bet on. Show more.

Bookies will release the odds of a team winning, based on previous performance and team composition, which can be useful in helping you decide who to back. It’s important to remember that these odds don’t always reflect the reality- underdogs can pull through!

Under the current meta, the strongest attackers on any map are Hibana and Thermite, as they’re most effective at destroying surfaces under which opponents might be hiding. Finka’s guns and Thatcher’s gadget-killing grenades combined with IQ’s skills make for a great attacking team. An attacking team with a good combination of these operators would be a strong betting choice for map winners.

A strong defending team might include operators such as Mute and Bandit who can help reinforce defence walls, while Rook’s supply of armour plates and Doc’s ability to erase damage will give a team a better chance of survival. In contrast, teams including Frost and Tachanka are likely to be weaker.

There are plenty of website offering statistics from previous competitions, so we suggest you take a look at both overall tournament placements and in-depth individual player performance to help you decide where to place your money. Show less.

Learn More About Rainbow Six Siege Betting

How to play Rainbow Six Siege: the basics

The game has two teams comprised of five players- one team attacks and the other defends. The main objective is simple: attackers need to plant the bomb and successfully let it detonate, while the defenders need to prevent this from happening. Show more.

There are multiple maps in Rainbow Six Siege, and within these maps there are different spawn points and bomb areas. Teams must adapt their tactics and strategies to suit the variables in each map in order to beat their enemies. Each character – known as an operator – has its own set of equipment and different operators are useful when playing on different maps. This means character drafting is a vital part of the game and team composition plays a fundamental role in increasing a team’s chances of toppling opponents.

If an operator dies, they’re out for the remainder of the round – it’s that simple. This creates a tense experience for both those playing and those spectating and, of course, the fewer players in a team, the harder it is to win. However, it’s this tension that makes playing and betting on Rainbow Six Siege so fun. Show less.

Rainbow Six Siege Competitions

Rainbow Six Siege Competitions image

There are a number of Rainbow Six leagues and tournaments throughout the year, which presents plenty of betting opportunities. The competitive scene is broken down into tiers to allow players and teams from different regions, and with different levels of experience, to compete. These are the biggest Rainbow Six competitions.

Six Invitationals
Rainbow Six Siege invitationals involve 6 days of non-stop esports action, including 3 days of live Rainbow Six Siege gameplay. The 16 teams compete for a $500,000 prize pool and the World Champion title. PENTA sports won the title at this year’s event.

Six Major
The Six Major 2018— the inaugural Six Major event— took place in Paris and saw 16 professional teams from different regions battle it out in group stages for their share of the $350,000 prize pool, before the 3 day main event, which all lead up to the final. This event is set to take place annually, with the location changing year after year.

Pro League
Rainbow Six Pro League is the world’s most prestigious competition for this title and features the best Rainbow Six teams from around the globe. Each region— Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia Pacific— holds its own competition before the Finals. The Pro League Finals see the best eight teams competing to win their share of the prize pool, which is set at $167,000 for 2018, in a best of three format.

Rainbow Six Siege Meta

Rainbow Six Siege Meta image

Ubisoft release major game updates, known as Seasons, to improve the Rainbow Six Siege experience. With each season comes new free content, including new maps, features and game modes. These updates also give players the chance to unlock new operators, weapons and character skins. Previous Season updates featured the additions of operators from countries such as Russia, France and Morocco, as well as new maps set in both Italy and Morocco.

Ready to bet on Rainbow Six Siege

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Ready to start betting on Rainbow Six Siege tournaments? Compare features, such as bonuses, betting markets and odds across betting sites and you’re ready to make a deposit and place your bets.

R6 Betting FAQ

Where can I watch Rainbow Six Siege esports?

There are two main options when it comes to streaming Rainbow Six Siege esports: YouTube and Twitch.tv. You’ll also be able to stream other esports action, such as League of Legends and CS:GO on these sites.

Our full guide to watching esports can be found here.

Can I guarantee a win with Rainbow Six Siege betting?

Unfortunately not. Of course, you can bet on a team with a history of strong performance, but nothing can guarantee they’ll win a particular game. Each game is an individual entity and relies on a team’s strategy and composition. This uncertainty is what makes esports betting so exciting.

Is it safe to bet on Rainbow Six Siege?

If you’re using a trustworthy, licensed bookmaker, you’ll be in safe hands. We’ll only list fully regulated sportsbooks that adhere to high standards of player protection and security. Look out for licenses and encryption features when choosing your betting site. If you want to take extra steps to ensure the security of your money, you can place your bets using e-wallets, such as PayPal, to avoid entering any personal banking information.

Can I place bets on Rainbow Six Siege on the go?

Virtually all online bookmakers offer either mobile-optimised web pages or mobile apps. This means you can still get in on the action and take advantage of the same free bet and matched deposit welcome bonuses on your mobile device.

Are there many opportunities to bet on Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege is esports game that is played across the world, with both online and offline competitions throughout the year, so you’ll have plenty of R6S betting opportunities.

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