Rainbow Six: Siege Betting Odds, Tips, and Analysis for the 2021 Six Invitational Tournament

Six Invitational is a Massive Success

Rainbow Six Siege has been a major focus in the world of esports over the past few days as the Six Invitational has been taking place. This isn’t always an esport that gets a ton of attention, but that wasn’t the case in this most recent event.

The final of this event took place in Sao Paolo, and it only made sense that there were two teams from Brazil in the championship round. There were over 10,000 fans in attendance for the live event, but there were many more eyes on the title match.

During the final matchup, more than 500,000 viewers were checking out the live stream, and that speaks to how popular this game has become. There were other things to keep fans engaged as well the final turned into a massive event with many electric features.

A live orchestra was on hand to keep the fans entertained, and that set the stage for what was a great battle in the finale. Fans were also treated to a great matchup in the finals, and the winning team was able to cap off a historic run to get to the top of this game. 

A Massive Battle

Not only was this event one that captured the attention of fans, but the actual championship battle was one to remember as well. This matchup featured FaZe Clan taking on w7m Esports, and this was the matchup that many fans were hoping to see. 

W7m Esports entered the Six Invitational with a chip on their shoulder as they finished in second place last year. This team was beating some great teams throughout the event, but many wondered whether or not they could get past FaZe Clan. 

There was not much separation between these two teams, but ultimately it was w7m Esports that was able to secure a 3-2 win in this series. Not only was the massive trophy handed out to the winner of this event, but w7m esports was able to capture the massive prize of $1 million. 

It didn’t look like w7m esports was going to be able to get the job done at this event as they were immediately set to the lower part of the bracket. That didn’t deter this team though as they were able to get through some great teams to get back on top. 

The first big win for w7m Esports came against Ninjas in Pyjamas and that was the first time that it looked as if something was different about this team. They were able to stay red-hot throughout the event as they got through G2 Esports, Virtus,and FaZe Clan. 

FaZe Clan Choked

While the impressive win by w7m esports should be celebrated, it’s hard to ignore the struggles from FaZe Clan after taking an early lead in this event. FaZe Clan were the clear betting favorites heading into the finale, and they wasted little time in getting off to a good start. 

Oregon was the first map that was played in this event, and FaZe Clan cruised to a 7-1 win to set the stage in the finals. That only seemed to make w7m esports refocus, but it also made them mad enough that they went out and dominated. 

FaZe Clan just wasn’t able to swing the momentum back in their favor, and it capped off a terrific season for w7m esports. This team was able to win the BLAST R6 Major in Copenhagen and Atlanta, but winning the Six Invitational is the biggest prize of all. 

Teams will all try to regroup and gear up for the next big event, and w7m esports is going to be the team with the target on its back.