More Teams Eliminated at Six Invitational 2024

Rainbow Six Siege is currently at the top of the esports world as the Six Invitational is now taking place online. The group stage wrapped up last week, which means that it’s now time for teams to battle it out in bracket play. 

There have already been many significant news stories to come out of this event, but today it was all about the teams that got sent home. Only one team can end up being crowned champion of the Six Invitational, but there have been some interesting eliminations up to this point. 

With so much action remaining in the Six Invitational, there will be some great betting options out there as well. Here is a recap of what went down during day 2 of the Six Invitational Playoffs 2024. 

Bleed ESports Heads Home

Bleed ESports was going to have an uphill battle if they wanted to get back into the mix as they were sent to the lower part of the bracket right away. Any dreams of a magical run taking place have ended as this team is out of the competition for good. 

Spacestation Gaming was able to get the win over Bleed ESports, and this had to be considered a shocking result. It wasn’t an easy win for Spacestation Gaming as they earned a 7-5 win on Clubhouse, and then won Chalet in overtime. 

There are a number of players to blame for what went wrong during this event for Bleed ESports as a good portion of the roster went 0-10 in their initial entries. In fact, “Reeps96” and “Asphy” were the only two members of this team that were able to rack up any wins. 

Bleed ESports is now going to have to get back to the drawing board to try to figure out how this roster can improve. Spacestation Gaming is going to await the winner of Ninjas in Pyjamas and and w7m esports. 

Team Bliss Eliminates Team FURY

The first elimination on Day 2 was actually handed out by Team Bliss as they were able to end the tournament for Team FURY. This was a much more competitive matchup than the other elimination game on the day, but ultimately Team Bliss was able to pick up a 2-1 win. 

It was actually a great first run by Team FURY in the Six Invitational as they put up some great performances in the group stage. This team is made up of players from Thailand, but they just weren’t able to continue the run in the playoff bracket. 

FURY became the first team from South Asia to be eliminated in this event, but there are still others in the Six Invitational from that part of the world. Team Bliss will now try to use that momentum in their next battle with Wolves ESports. 

Another Way to Stream

There are fans all across the world that are interested in following along with the action at the Six Invitational, and now that just became a bit easier. Jynxzi is going to be providing a co-live stream of the Six Invitational Finals, and that platform is sure to get plenty of attention. 

The finals are set to take place from February 23 through February 25th, and there are still some great teams left in the mix. With over 100,000 Twitch followers, Jynxzi is expected to gain plenty of attention for this event, and for the sport of Rainbow Six Siege

If Spacestation Gaming were to reach the finals, it would add to the intrigue of this new live streaming option. Jynxzi already creates social media content for that team, and he would certainly be rooting for his team.