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Valorant is possibly the most hyped game being released in 2020. For the past few weeks, the Valorant beta has been taking the gaming and esports community by storm. The servers have now been turned off for a week, as they prepare for the full release on June 2nd.

It can be hard to gauge how well Valorant will succeed as an esport, but there are a number of reasons as to why we can expect it to be brilliant. Firstly, it is developed by Riot Games with the focus solely on good, fluid, competitive gameplay. Riot Games also developed League of Legends, which is arguably the biggest esport title in the world. Show more.

What to expect with Valorant esports?

As mentioned, there are a few things that should help Valorant excel when it comes to pure competitive gameplay.

  • 128-tick servers
  • Minimum of 30 FPS (frames-per-second) on most minimum spec computers (dating back a decade)
  • 60-144+ FPS will be achievable on modern gaming computers / laptops
    Datacentres spread globally with the aim of <35ms ping for players in major cities
  • Commitment to anti-cheat from day one.
  • Shooting is precise, consequential, and highly lethal.

Whilst being a unique gameplay experience, it does share similarities with other games. Possibly the best way to explain the game to a newcomer is a combination of the tactical, precise aim of CS:GO with the character abilities of Overwatch.
Much like League of Legends, players will choose a character to use each game. Meaning everyone will have a gun and a unique set of abilities that they can use.

This should create exciting, creative and explosive gameplay, especially at the highest level. Show less.

VALORANT Betting Sites

With the game previously being played in beta, we are still waiting to see how the Valorant betting scene develops. However, following the release of the game on June 2nd, we can expect to see a lot of movement regarding this. So far we have seen a small number of esports first sportbooks offering limited markets on chairty and streamer tournaments.

With it already being expected to explode onto the esports scene, we can assume that majority of bookmakers will quickly start to offer betting markets for it. Whilst we still wait to see what the full game will offer, it’s hard to confirm anything regarding this.

Once the game launches and betting markets start to appear, we will update this page to have a full breakdown of everything regarding Valorant betting.

Best VALORANT Betting Bonuses

With the VALORANT esports betting scene still in it's infancy there are no VALORANT specific betting bonuses. In leiu of those, however, we have pulled together some of the best generic esports bonuses from sportbooks that offer VALORANT betting. Find a bonus below to ensure that you make the most out of your VALORANT bets. Show more.

Bonuses can range from free bets, to a matched percentage bonus on your deposit. Always make sure that you read the bonus terms and conditions before depositing as some will require you to meet minimum betting thresholds and bet multipliers to be able to withdraw your winnings. Show less.

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