Riot Games Announces Sweeping VALORANT Changes

Riot Games continues to be a developer that is willing to push the envelope, and it also acknowledges when changes need to be made. With that in mind, the company has announced some huge changes to the VALORANT system, and it’s one that will open up new opportunities. 

The VALORANT Game Changers league is for players that are just getting started in the game, but there hasn’t really been a path forward. Now those players, and teams, will be able to advance into other stages and potentially compete in international events. 

VCT Game Changers is for those players that are either women or another gender that doesn’t fall under the male category. Riot Games has long supported this movement, but they are now taking the next stop in the process. 

The Game Changers Championship will now include 10 teams, and the top finishers of that event will be able to move forward and compete in other big events. This could also allow for the top female players to join a team in the Challengers League, something that has never before been possible. 

There is currently an ecosystem in place when it comes to this game, but Riot Games is making major changes to make things more equitable. 

Making Things Easy

The top teams from the VCT Game Changers League are not going to start winning international tournaments anytime soon, but they will at least have a seat at the table. Any team that qualifies for the Game Changers Championship will also be included in the local Challenger League tournaments. 

That’s essentially giving these teams a free pass, and they will jump over Challenger League teams that struggle during the regular season. Players from the Game Changers League can also be signed by a team in a higher division at anytime, and they do not have to go through the transfer window process. 

There are some large organizations in the sport of VALORANT, and there is another interesting rule change that will be exploited as well. Teams in the Premier or Challengers League can actually add a second team, but they have to include at least three players from the Game Changers League. 

This is going to create the emergence of many new VCT teams, and it create some new regions to be unveiled as well. It’s likely going to take some time for new teams to pop up, but the option is now there for the first time in history. 

These changes are effective immediately, but Riot Games is committed to adding even more mixed-gender tournaments later on in the year. 

Premier Revamps in Episode 9 Act 1

Episode 9 Act 1 is currently being played by the Premier players in the sport, but those players are soon going to have to make some adjustments. Premier is a version of the game that allows entry-level to medium players a chance to try out a more competitive environment. 

This is a team format as teams of seven will have to compete in weekly matches in order to earn ranking points. Teams that have qualified for the top Premier League tournaments have been allowed a chance to move on to the Challengers League.

A new Infinite Division has been created as an update to Ep 9 Act 1, and this is a stage above Premier level. This is going to require players and teams to be more involved each week, and they are also going to have to continue to win. 

Teams will also have to play in certain matches at a ranking in order to stay in the Infinite status. These changes will take some time to get used to, but they fall in line with what Riot Games is trying to do.