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Events by Scarlett February 01, 2021 997

Official information on the teams that will be competing at the Valorant Champions Tour North America Stage 1 has been released. There are a lot of popular names as you rightfully expected, but we will also see the introduction of fresh talent in the competition. The eight teams that made it to this stage did […]

Industry by Axel December 23, 2020 1.21K

Riot Games Korea has finally revealed some details for its Valorant esports team support program. Their aim is to provide some kind of financial and structural support to teams based in the area in order to alleviate some of the stress associated with it all. Eight Teams Gaining Support A total of eight different teams […]

VALORANT by Scarlett December 01, 2020 1.49K

The news from Riot Games that there will be an official Valorant esports tournament for 2021 is certainly welcome news for anybody with an interest in this fledgling title. Of course, as the creator of League of Legends, it’s not as if Riot Games doesn’t have some experience in this field, so all bodes well […]

Events by Scarlett November 25, 2020 1.41K

It was a successful integration for VALORANT into the esports ecosystem and now it will be introducing a new competitive structure – VALORANT Champions Tour – for the 2021 season. The Champions Tour will come after the Ignition Series and the First Strike tournaments. The game is barely one-year-old in the esports scene but has […]

Latest by Scarlett November 18, 2020 1.66K

Guild Esports suffered a huge blow after Riot Games disqualified them from the Valorant First Strike European Qualifier. Riot Games released a statement to support their course of action, which indicated that Guild Esports used a bug to their favor to exploit their match against G2 Esports on November 13. Riot Games reiterated that Guild […]

VALORANT by Scarlett October 29, 2020 1.90K

After day two action in the Valorant First Strike qualifiers, eight teams have advanced to the next round that promises to be a cracking quarter-final bout. After the first qualifier, thirty-two teams came into this day two showdown to show just how good they are and challenge for the ultimate prize. Teams put forward their […]

Events by Scarlett October 01, 2020 1.88K

Game Updates Valorant has now made available the latest patch update v1.09 for players in Korea. Players have clamoured for change relating to Operator for awhile, and Riot games finally paid attention. This update comes with Agent changes and damage differential, among other changes. Activision has released the Call of Duty Warzone update patch also, […]

Call of Duty by Scarlett September 25, 2020 1.79K

Game Updates The major V14.20 Fortnite patch arrived on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch this week; the updates will close out the season 4 Marvel takeover. Version 14.20 includes bug fixes to general play, Creative and Save the World modes, and new characters such as the Marvel heroes Blade and Wolverine. Players can […]

Industry by Scarlett September 21, 2020 1.81K

It’s no secret that woman gamers face an uphill battle when it comes to competing in esports, and while a lot of inroads have been made to create a more inclusive environment, the community still has a long way to go before any sense of equality is achieved. With woman gamers sometimes getting harassed by […]

VALORANT by Charlie Cater June 17, 2020 3.49K

Today, Riot Games announced the ‘Valorant Ignition Series’. This marks their first step into Valorant esports  The Valorant Ignition Series kicks off on June 19th and will be a weekly series of tournaments supported by Riot Games. Riot Games’ Whalen ‘Magus’ Rozelle and Kasra ‘Curiouskaz’ Jafroodi had this to say in the announcement.  “Today we’re […]

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