Drought is Over for DetonatioN FocusMe

There have been some great VALORANT teams that have emerged over the last few years, but DetonatioN FocusMe is not going to be considered as one of them. This team hadn’t won a match in nearly three full years, but they were able to get that done in the most surprising way possible. 

This team competes in the Pacific Region, and they haven’t even been able to sniff international competition since 2022. When the league schedule has came out in the VCT Pacific, this was typically a match that was decided before it even began. 

After going winless during the VCT season in 2023, it had been a winless start to the 2024 season for this team as well. The drought is now over for DetonatioN FocusMe as this team was able to stun T1 earlier this week.

A Look at the Win

This drought was not going to last forever for DetonatioN FocusMe as they had actually had some close calls in recent battles. It was in the opening group stage match that DFM was able to come away with a win, and there were some theatrics involved as well. 

This match went the distance as all three maps were played, and there was actually a 1v1 battle that capped off the epic matchup. It seemed as if this team was going to come up just a bit short, and T1 was a massive betting favorite ahead of this event. 

It didn’t take long for the emotions to show for both players and fans of this team as there were many tears in the arena when the win was secured. This matchup was also being streamed, and Hiroto “Rion” Tateno was on the call for this matchup. 

Rion was a member of this team during his playing days, and he was showing plenty of emotion throughout the entire event. THis was a feel-good story with the win from DFM, and it could end up shaking up the standings of the VCT Pacific Region. 

This was the first time that DFM had won a best-of-three series since all the way back in 2020, although there were some smaller wins mixed in. There were some signs of improvement showed by this team, and it looked like things were starting to come together in a big way. 

Now DFM will be looking to follow this win up with another one, and they could end up getting near the top of the standings in this league. They will no longer be able to sneak up on other teams, especially in the next few matches. 

VALORANT Players Aren’t Happy

Not everything is going well in the sport of VALORANT as some of the top players are starting to speak out about some concerns. Some of the top players have taken to Reddit to complain about some of the recent developments of the game, especially as it pertains to this-party apps.

These third party apps have done a great job of bringing more attention to the sport, but it’s also added some pressure to the top players. Instead of simply focusing on the current match, players are being forced to look back at some previous results. 

This is a much bigger problem for ranked players as those players are always wanting to make sure that they are winning some matches. Players have started to dodge other great players as a loss will cause unnecessary chatter on these apps. 

While this isn’t something that the developers of the game are going to be able to change, the top VALORANT players want to see less of a focus on previous matches.