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CS:GO Betting Bonuses

Counter-Strike bonuses are offered in a few different forms, depending on the website or bookie that you’re using. Perhaps the most common are matched deposit bonuses, where you’re given anywhere from 25% to 200% of your initial deposit as extra money to play with.

No deposit bonuses, on the other hand, allow you to bet with real money without actually depositing at all. While there are usually wagering requirements attached to these bonuses to limit your chances of grabbing your bonus winnings, they still present a free opportunity to get familiar with esports betting, at the very least.

While matched deposit and no deposit bonuses are usually reserved for new punters, cashback bonuses are offered to existing players in the hope they’ll remain loyal. As the name suggests, this bonus offers you some of wager back, should you lose. Not only is this a fine consolation prize, but it also presents you with the chance to place some high-risk, high-reward bets, knowing you have a safety net of some sort.

CS:GO Events

Counter-Strike is home to some of the biggest events in esports. The CS:GO calendar is made up of 3 Majors, each boasting a $1,000,000 prize pool and attracting millions of viewers worldwide. Attached to these Majors are an enormous number of betting markets from a range of betting sites, as well as some of the most exciting under dog stories in esports history. In between the Majors are countless other events and leagues including the ESL Pro League which features matches regularly throughout the year. A full list of the upcoming CS:GO events can be found below.

Who to Back?


As with all sports and esports, it’s nigh on impossible to be entirely accurate with predictions, though there are methods of becoming more informed and potentially spotting trends. One of the more sensible indicators that a team is likely to do well is looking at their past placements and recent form, and there are a number of websites that provide such information.

If you want to go a step further, you can watch matches between teams in a professional and competitive capacity to see which teams and players look stronger than others. Twitch is effectively the home of livestreaming gameplay, so you’re sure to be able to check out a team’s performance on the go – YouTube, however, is king when it comes to videos of previous events.

It’s important to remember that no matter how much research and observing you do, form and maps can drastically alter the outcome of any given match. So even if a bookie has priced a participant as an overwhelming favourite, the outcome is never guaranteed.

CS:GO Betting Markets

So, you’re interesting in betting on CS:GO – there’s no better time than now to learn the basics of it, including the most likely types of betting odds you’ll find:

  • Tournament Winner
    You’re betting on the team to win the tournament.
  • Match Winner
    You’re betting on the winner of the match.
  • Handicap
    You’re betting on a team to win a particular match given a “handicap” set by the bookmaker. For example, one team may start the series with a 1 map lead.
  • Round Winner
    You’re betting on the team to win a particular round within a map.
  • Tournament Finalist
    You’re betting on the team to reach the finals of the tournament.
  • Map Winner
    You’re betting on the team to win a particular map within the match
  • Total Number of Map Rounds
    You’re betting on the total rounds played being over or under an amount set by the bookmaker

Latest on CS:GO

CS:GO remains one of the biggest esports around, with competitive play at all levels across the world. Europe has traditionally been the strongest region, but North America, Oceania and now China are all showing promise too. With multiple top-level major tournaments per year, dozens of premiere events and thousands of hours of online play, you’re never too far away from the next CS:GO match.

New Counter-Strike 2 Update Brings More Opportunities

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Team Spirit Wins Another CS2 Title

It might just be June, but the current season of Counter-Strike 2 action is now complete as the 2024 BLAST Premier Spring Final just wrapped up. There were some great teams competing in this event, but everyone was trying to keep pace with Team Spirit in this event.  It was Team Spirit against NAVI in…

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Learn More About CS:GO Betting

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a complex and tactical first person shooter, and it’s recommended that any prospective gambler fully understands the details of the mechanics, strategy and tactics that underpin this esport. Learning more about the esport and to gain a competitive edge in CS:GO betting.

Like American football, Counter-Strike can be deceptively simple, but it’s not just the team with the biggest guys (or in CS:GO, the fastest aimers) that come out on top; there’s also a deep strategic and tactical layer to explore. Once you start to see these in motion, and how the styles of top teams differ, the game becomes a lot more interesting. Whether it’s the attacking T side preparing an elaborate barrage of grenades to force the defending CT side out of areas of the map, or the CT side undertaking daring reconnaissance missions to prepare themselves for the fight ahead, there’s plenty to watch out for. Players that die sit out the rest of the round, so each action has weighty consequences.

CS:GO Basics

CSGO Basics

Each competitive match of Counter-Strike consists of two teams, Counter-Terrorists and Terrorists, each made up of 5 players. The game is divided into up to 30 rounds, and teams swap sides after the 15th round. The first team to win 16 rounds takes the map.

Every round has a time limit of 1 minute 55 seconds and during this time a team must achieve one of the following to win the round:

– Successfully plant and detonate the bomb

– Successfully defuse a planted bomb OR
– Prevent the terrorists from planting the bomb (winning the round once the time limit is reached).

Either side can also win by fragging all 5 players of the opposing team before the round timer ends.

All players have equal abilities and characteristics, with the only differing features being that a) the Terrorist side starts with the bomb, and b) each side has a unique selection of guns that can be purchased at the start of each round. However, all guns are dropped on death, and any player can pick up and use any gun.

Guns N’ Money


Each player can carry up to 4 weapons; a knife (which cannot be dropped), a pistol, a number of grenades and a main weapon which could range from a shotgun or submachine gun through to a sniper rifle or heavy machine gun. In general, larger guns cost more money; upgraded pistols can cost $500, but an AWP sniper rifle costs $4750.

Players keep their guns and other equipment if they survive the round; otherwise they have to use the cash earned from kills and rounds completed to re-equip themselves. If there isn’t enough cash across the team for a full re-buy, teams can choose to save their money for the next round or take the risk of investing into substandard gear in order to keep the pressure up on their opponents.

Armor is also an important facet of the game. Players are able to buy Kevlar to reduce the damage they take from most weapons, or a Kevlar and Helmet to reduce damage from shots to the head as well. Armor can easily make the difference between survival and death, so expect to see it almost always when a team is investing fully in a round. The one common exception is the AWP player, who may sometimes forgo armor in order to get their sniper rifle of choice; this is called a ‘glass cannon’ build.

The Map Pool

CSGo Map Pool

CS:GO has an official ‘active duty’ map pool that is played at all of the leading competitive tournaments and leagues. There is also a ‘reserve pool’ that has a number of maps which often rotate with the active pool – the reserve pool is often used to pull out maps that need rebalancing, or ones that simply are no longer popular.

Each map plays by the same mechanics outlined above, however a CS:GO gambler should be aware that different teams have a preference for different maps, and that this preference, and the ‘map voting’ that occurs prior to the game starting are extremely important aspects of game – and can make an enormous difference in the outcome and odds of a match. It’s rare for a team to be equally comfortable on all maps, so a surprise map pick is one area that underdog teams can stand a better chance against strong opponents. This change in odds is one you can predict based on each team’s history, and can be the difference-maker in CS:GO betting.

CS:GO Team Composition

CSGO Fnatic

Each team in CS:GO is made up of players that lend themselves to different roles. These roles aren’t strictly defined in most teams, but players will tend to gravitate to different duties on the T side.

Entry fraggers work to enter bombsites and get kills early on, while support players set them up with grenades and covering fire. Lurkers generally operate on the opposite side of the map, sewing confusion and back-stabbing enemies (only sometimes literally), while AWPers use their eponymous sniper rifle to take kills from afar. Meanwhile, in-game leaders (IGLs) are calling the shots, deciding on the strategies to be employed at the start of each round and making changes on the fly.

On the CT side, it’s slightly different. IGLs and AWPers still perform their role, but the remaining players are classed based on the bombsite or other areas of the map that they choose to defend. Therefore, you might talk about an ‘A’ or ‘B’ player, or a ‘rotater’ who sits between the two bombsites and supports the one getting hit.

The best teams in the world will have a group of 5 players with one filling each or many of these roles extremely well, based on their personality and play style.

As an esports bettor, it is wise to do some due diligence around the teams that you back, and becoming familiar with the composition of each team, particularly when it comes to their individual roles. An in-game leader will often be the cornerstone of any team, so ensuring that they are on form and have the respect of their team is a wise move.

Bet on CS:GO

Ready to get involved with the ever-popular and entertaining world of CS:GO? We’ve taken you through everything you need to know – all that’s left for you to do is pick out a bookie and place your bets! Check out our list of featured esports betting sites for an assortment of rewarding betting bonuses and some of the most comprehensive market coverage available online today!

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