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CS:GO by Felicity Wade January 14, 2019 124

ELEAGUE has recently made a very exciting announcement to its CS:GO fans by making them aware of an up and coming tournament, due to take place between the 25th-27th January. This invitational-only event holds a staggering prize pool of $150,000 (£120,000) and is exclusively played between four of the top Counterstrike: Global Offensive teams out there, Cloud9, […]

CS:GO by Rohan Samal October 20, 2018 184

One of the most iconic players in North America, Skadoodle, has decided to take a break from competitive Counter-Strike. The player has a Major victory to his name as well as multiple tournaments win. He has been a part of Cloud9 since 2015 and is a veteran in the North American Counter-Strike scene. His decision […]

CS:GO by Rohan Samal October 20, 2018 202

It was a sad day for the Indian CS:GO scene as a player from Optic’s Indian team was found using cheats at Intel Zowie Extremesland 2018. The player in question, Nikhil “forsaken” Kumawat was using a CS:GO mod he installed in their knockout match against Revolution, allowing him to see other players through walls and […]

CS:GO by Tom Wade October 13, 2018 447

Malik ‘Golden’ Selim, the former in-game leader of Fnatic, has been brought into the Cloud9 organisation. One of the ways he has turned things around has received a lot of press and community attention, and relates to what people are doing when they aren’t playing CSGO.

CS:GO by Rohan Samal October 11, 2018 331

Today Valve released a new CS:GO update which saw several changes to a few weapons. Valve have been very quiet with regards to the CS:GO esports scene, having very little personal investment and impact on the scene outside of providing streaming rights. While the update saw several updates to the casual map pool as well, […]

Competition by Tom Wade October 08, 2018 211

A huge congratulations to our Twitter follower who won our competition last month, winning himself a Karambit Fade CS:GO knife skin worth over $500!

CS:GO by Rohan Samal October 08, 2018 242

The French CSGO scene is in turmoil right now, with G2 not being able to renew the contracts of all five of their players. There is another new team under formation comprising of several well-known French players and a young prodigy, ZywOo. ZywOo has been practising with his new team for quite some time now […]

CS:GO by Rohan Samal October 06, 2018 295

Almost all of G2’s CSGO roster has renewed contracts with their players. However, KennyS is still to sign up with the organsiation.

CS:GO by Rohan Samal September 27, 2018 696

An icon’s time with Fnatic has come to an end. Flusha will be parting ways with Fnatic, his team for the last five years. Under the Fnatic organisation, Flusha was able to reach the pinnacle of Counter Strike, as was one of the most dominant teams for a long period of time. They shaped the […]

CS:GO by Rohan Samal September 20, 2018 367

One of the most iconic Counter Strike players, Seized, has had an undeniable impact on the growth of Counter Strike in the CIS region. His experience in playing alongside several top-tier teams makes him an invaluable player to any team. However, as his involvement grows so does Seized’s individual performance; yet this has arguably seen a […]

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