BLAST Primer Spring Groups 2022 Kicks Off On Friday, January 28

Updates From BLAST Premier Spring Final

The BLAST Premier Spring Final is currently taking place, and the top CS2 teams in the world are battling it out. Most of the biggest news stories from this event involve the teams that are moving on, but there are also those that are on the other end of the spectrum. 

Group stage started off this competition, and some teams were sent home before even getting a chance to make a run through the bracket. While one of the teams sent home was not a big surprise, there was a disappointing early exit for one of the teams. 

G2 Esports Heading Home

G2 Esports is an organization that always seems to have some success in international competitions, but that was not the case in this event. The betting odds had this team as a big underdog, and they were expected to be missing one of their top players. 

M0nesy did end up missing the first game for G2 after dealing with some Visa issues, but he actually made it to the event, and that was not expected. His late arrival should have provided a spark to this team, but they were just never able to get things going in the right direction. 

The second loss for G2 came against Team Vitality, and they were only able to win one map in that matchup. This loss leaves this team searching for answers moving forward, and there will likely be some roster changes coming ahead of the next big international event. 

SAW First to Go

While G2 Esports had a disappointing end in this event, it was SAW that was actually the first team to be eliminated. SAW is a team from Portugal, and they were never expected to find much success against the other top teams in this sport. 

Not only was SAW unable to pick up a win, but they didn’t even win a map during their first two battles. This team might be able to beat other teams from Portugal, they just aren’t at a point where they are going to find success on the international stage. 

Team Astralis delivered the final blow for Team SAW, and that was a matchup that was never even close. SAW will now head back to Portugal looking to make some improvements to the roster, but there just aren’t many available options. 

Big Matchups Coming 

While two teams have been eliminated, there have also been two teams that have clinched a spot in the semifinals. Those two teams are Team Spirit at NAVI, and they are locked into finishing at least inside of the top four. 

These two teams are always tough to beat on the international stage, and it’s not a shock at all to see them having success at this level. Spirit got lucky in facing G2 in their first match as they caught the team with M0nesy. 

While that win might have been easier than it should have been, they had a difficult task in dealing with Virtus.Pro. That win might have been by a score of 2:0, but it was donk that pretty much did all of the heavy lifting for the team. 

NAVI has had a much more difficult task in getting to the semifinals as they had to defeat a pair of legendary teams along the way. It was a win over Team Astralis on the opening day that really set the stage for what has been an impressive start to this event. 

It was a comeback win over FaZe Clan on Day 2 that pushed the team to the semifinals, and that should give them some momentum.