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Dota 2 Betting Bonuses

Dota 2 betting bonuses will differ from site to site, and come in a few common forms. One of the most common bonuses is the first deposit bonus, which multiplies your first deposit – sometimes substantially. We’ve seen percentages anywhere from 25% to 200%, although of course you will be required to bet this several times at challenging odds to get your money back out again. Still, this is a nice way of starting off your Dota 2 betting career, or a good excuse to try a new website.

Other bonuses are also offered. Free bets are just what they sound like; a free chance to win some money without offering up any of your own. It’s rare that you’ll be able to roll that into a big payout, but with skill and a little lucky anything is possible!

Cash back bonuses are a rarer beast, but you can still find these from time to time. These bonuses return some of the money ventured for a losing bet, pushing the odds a little closer to being in your favour and minimising the risk of a big bet. As always, terms and conditions apply so make sure you know what you’re dealing with!


Dota 2 Events

Dota 2 Markets

Betting markets will vary depending on your chosen bookmaker, with some operators offering more comprehensive Dota 2 coverage than others. Fortunately, as one of the most popular esports, there are a number of bookies that offer a range of Dota 2 markets. These include mainstream sportsbooks like Bet365 as well as esports focused betting platforms such as ArcaneBet. Both options provide punters with a robust list of pre-match betting markets and an extensive array of in-play betting options for punters looking to bet as the action unfolds.

Latest on Dota 2

As arguably the most popular title in esports, there’s plenty of Dota 2 updates to keep up with throughout the year. Savvy Dota 2 bettors, keep an eye out for these – it literally pays to stay in the know. Looking for the latest on Dota 2 betting? Whether you’re after news surrounding upcoming tournaments or the latest esports betting markets and tips, we’ve got you covered.

Xtreme Gaming Upsets Team Falcons

The Dota 2 Elite League 2024 wrapped up earlier this week and there was a pretty significant upset in the final matchup of the event. It was Xtreme Gaming that won the championship at this event, but the biggest story is the team that finished in second place.  This final matchup was highly anticipated, but…

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Portal Partnering with DOTA2

Portal has become the clear leader when it comes to next-gen gaming, and it just made a major announcement in the esports industry. This company has recently partnered with DOTA2, and Portal will be sponsoring a brand new global tournament that should draw a massive response.  The growth of esports has brought about many popular…

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How to Bet on Dota 2

A game of Dota 2 is usually decided over the course of anywhere between 20 and 70 minutes. During this time, the heroes controlled by each player grow in power, through a combination of gaining experience points (leading to higher levels) and gold (leading to more powerful items). On any given team, some players must focus on “farming” the most powerful items in the game, while others focus on more strategic affairs and supportive roles. This contrast of “carry” (the player whose hero aims to become the most powerful) and “support” (the player who gives up most of his in-game power progression in order to help the team as a whole) underlies the entirety of Dota 2’s gameplay, and results in an esport with an incredibly unusual – but especially gripping way to bet.

The Map

Dota Mini Map

A game of Dota 2 is always played on the same map, which is often a surprise to new players (“Doesn’t that get old, fast?”) until they discover the infinite depth – both broad and subtle – in its design. In essence, the map consists of three “lanes” (called such due to the AI-controlled minions that endlessly path down them), leading from one base in the bottom left (referred to as the Radiant base), to the other in the top right (the Dire base). In each base lies the titular Ancient which, you may have guessed, must be Defended.

From the start of the game until the very end, the AI-controlled minions (referred to as “creeps”) will regularly spawn – for both sides – and march gormlessly down the lanes. Without any player intervention, these creeps will meet in the middle of each lane and effectively wipe each other out. However, all it takes is a player to give one lane a bit of a nudge in order to break this equilibrium, and have the surviving creeps surge ahead to victory.

Dota 2 Buildings

dota 2 buildings

However, along the way are a number of towers: sturdy structures that dish out solid damage. These control, to some extent, the pace of the game: A team must destroy the outermost tower of a lane in order to be able to damage the next, but without the assistance of players, creeps will only chip away at them whilst dying in droves. In other words, a player can clear enemy creeps to allow their own to push ahead, but how far ahead they push is essentially limited by how many towers still stand.

Beyond the towers, each lane has a barracks, where that lane’s creeps spawn for the respective team. Destroying these buildings is one of the most reliable win conditions, as doing so provides your team with extra-strong creeps on that lane, leading to constant, passive pressure on the enemy base. Destroy all three enemy barracks, and your team gets “mega-creeps”, extremely deadly creeps that usually requires the attention of the entire enemy team to defend against. Very rarely does a team win after losing all three of their barracks!


roshan dota

Near the middle of the map, Roshan waits in his pit (the “Rosh Pit”). This powerful boss requires serious commitment to kill, but as a reward drops the Aegis of the Immortal, a time-limited item that essentially gives a player a second life.

After being slain, it takes Roshan anywhere between 8 and 11 minutes to respawn, meaning players can never know exactly when he might reappear in his cave. From his 3rd death, he also drops the Cheese, which can be consumed to instantly restore large amounts of health and mana.

Many a bloodbath takes place around this pit – especially later in the game – as teams desperately try to secure these game-winning items.

Map Vision

dota 2 map vision

Knowledge is power. The game uses a fog of war system, which means a team can only see what’s going on in areas where they have vision. The heroes each player controls provide vision, friendly creeps and towers provide vision, and – importantly – placeable observer wards provide vision.

These wards only last for 6 minutes, and can potentially be detected and removed by the enemy team, but are essential to winning the game. Shrewd placement of wards will give you more information on what the enemy is up to, which in turn allows you to choose the best play in response, and always be one step ahead.


dota 2 runes

A river runs through the middle of the map, from top left to bottom right, and traversing it makes you particularly vulnerable due to having limited vision and few escape routes. However, this risk comes with a reward: Every 2 minutes, potentially game-changing runes spawn at either end of the river. These range from being small but welcome boosts to gold and experience, to empowering buffs like double damage or haste that can enable quick and easy kills that would otherwise not have happened.

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