Cowana Disbands Its CS:GO Division

MOUZ Sweeps Team Vitality in ESL Pro League Final

The ESL Pro League Season 1 has brought some incredible action over the last few weeks, and it’s also been a historic event. This is the first time that Counter-Strike 2 was played as opposed to other versions of the game, and MOUZ was clearly comfortable with this change. 

MOUZ was actually the last champion of the ESL Pro League, but that win came when playing Global Offensive. While there are some great teams as a part of this league, everyone is trying to find a way to catch the talent on the young MOUZ squad. 

One thing that MOUZ is trying to do is have some success on the international stage, but they just keep racking up these titles along the way. Team Vitality was the most recent team to try to take down MOUZ, but they just weren’t ever to even keep things close. 

A Clean Sweep

Not only was this a nice win for MOUZ, but it ended up being an absolutely dominant performance in the championship matchup. MOUZ was able to come away with a clean sweep as they just didn’t get Team Vitality a chance to ever get settled in. 

MOUZ played in six different matches during the ESL Pro League Season 1, and they only lost two maps the entire time. While it wasn’t necessary for them to win every series in the group stage, that is exactly what they got done. 

Team Vitality actually had a ton of momentum ahead of the grand final as they were able to eliminate FaZe Clan in a huge upset. That momentum didn’t transfer over into the grand final as they were clearly overmatched. 

Vitality picked the Inferno map to kick off this event, but MOUZ was able to storm away with a 13-9 win on that map. MOUZ then had a 13-8 win on the Mirage Map, and got off to a big lead right away at Nuke. 

ZywOo came away with another MVP award at this tournament, and it’s now the 19th time that he has been named an MVP. While Team Vitality was searching for answers, MOUZ was celebrating their title on the stage. 

FaZe Clan Falls Short

Most expected that MOUZ would be taking on FaZe Clan in the finals of this event as that’s typically what happens. FaZe Clan had been to seven straight finals in LAN events ever since the CS2 game was launched. 

While FaZe Clan was able to get back to the semifinals at the ESL Pro League Season 1, they were never really in the mix against Team Vitality. At times it almost felt like FaZe Clan was playing a different game as Team Vitality was cruising to a blowout win. 

Some of the maps ended up being extremely lopsided, and it took away any drama from the final map as Team Vitality was on a roll. FaZe Clan will look to bounce back at the next major event, and they will once again be a betting favorite. 

“Donk” Suspended on Twitch

One of the best players in CS2 sport is just 17 years old, and he goes by the nickname of “Donk.” He has now been banned from streaming online through Twitch as he was still using his same account that he has had for many years. 

It’s unclear what will come of this suspension, but it could end up making it almost impossible for fans to watch Donk play this extremely popular game. Neither Donk or Twitch has commented on the suspension since May 7th, but it is a news story worth keeping an eye on.