Cowana Disbands Its CS:GO Division

Counter-Strike Major Coming Back to North America

The Counter-Strike franchise has come out with another new game, and that has created a new buzz and excitement around the action. That is only going to get bigger moving forward as a Counter-Strike Major will be coming back to North America for the first time in seven years. 

While there are alway some great Counter-Strike 2 action taking place throughout the world, it’s the majors that tend to draw the most excitement. Some of the biggest cities in the world tend to host major events, but the United States has been shut out of late. 

BLAST is reportedly coming to Austin, Texas in early 2025, and that will be the first CS2 major of the year. While nothing is officially confirmed, it is expected that the first major won’t be taking place until June of 2025. 

This will generate a ton of excitement for American teams in this sport, and there are plenty of great CS2 teams in the country. It’s unclear as to why organizers have been avoiding the United States for so long, but the streak is going to be coming to an end soon. 

A Long Time Coming

Teams from North American have not had a ton of success in international tournaments, but perhaps bringing it back to American soil will have an impact. The last major in the United States was back in January 2018 as it was the ELEAGUE Boston Major. 

Cloud9 won the major in that event, and that was the only time that a team from the U.S. has won a major in this sport. That grand finale was an impressive win by Cloud9 over a terrific FaZe Clan team. 

The United States used to have a major tournament every single year, but for some reason everything stopped completely after January 2018. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil recently hosted a major CS2 event, but that is the closest that a tournament has been to the United States in more than seven years. 

BLAST is not the biggest name when it comes to hosting major CS2 tournaments, but it’s starting to get on the regular schedule. The 2024 BLAST Premier Spring Final is set to kickoff on June 14th, and more information about the next U.S. tournament is expected to be announced at that time. 

Halo Major Coming to Atlanta

While it has been close to a decade since there has been a Counter-Strike Major in the United States, there has been plenty of other great esports action in the state. FaZe Clan has announced that it will host the next big Halo tournament in Atlanta. 

The 2024 Halo Championship Series Atlanta Major will be taking place from July 26th-28th, and it will be held at Gateway Center Arena. There will be a total prize pool of $250,000 available in this event, and that is what everyone is going to be playing for. 

There will be 96 teams that qualify for this big event, and those teams are going to come from all around the world. FaZe Clan will not only be hosting this big event, but it will also be one of the teams expected to make a deep run. 

The Halo Championship Series continues to do a great job of getting fans involved, and there will be a free-for-all tournament taking place as well. There is another HCS event coming to Seattle later in the year as the United States is one of the main countries for this sport. 

While the Halo Championship Series is still not as popular as some other leagues, it is starting to catch up in a major way.