New Counter-Strike 2 Update Brings More Opportunities

There has been a new Counter-Strike 2 update, and it’s one that has brought about many new maps to the game. Valve is the company behind CS2, and the five new maps are spread around different gameplay modes that are available. 

While these new maps are going to increase the excitement for players, many believed that there would be a new Operation method as well. Along with the new maps, an update has allowed teams to earn a skill group in Competitive after just two wins. 

A new MVP panel has also been added to the game, and the Premier portion of the game takes that a step further. Animated MVPs show up in the Premier level of the game, and that is something that has never been seen before. 

Valve has also listened to the complaints and concerns from players as it has worked hard to fix some of the bugs that were a part of the game. The visuals have also improved with this game, and those changes can be seen after updating the game. 

Even though players will notice most of these changes after playing for awhile, the new maps are going to be available right away. 

A Look at the New Maps

Mills and Thera are the two maps that have been added to the 5v5 and Deathmatch mode, and they should become extremely popular soon. Both new maps are viewed as workshop maps, but it is Thera that is the one that most are hoping to check out. 

FMPONE has created the the Thera map, and that creator has been able to come up with some extremely popular options in the past. Those maps are going to be enjoyed by everyone, but there are some other maps that are only for specific players. 

Assembly and Memento are two maps that are going to be available for CS2 Wingman players that are out there. These are maps that have always been in the background, and some of the top Wingman players have been polishing their skills here for years. 

There are a number of Wingman maps in the game already, but this will provide some newer options. The final map that has been added to the game is one that is actually making a return after some time off. 

Pool Day is coming back to CS2, and this is a map that many have been waiting to see for a long time. It’s been around for more than 20 years, but Valve is expected to make some updates to the map to keep things interesting. 

Team Liquid Makes Surprising Move

While the new game updates will surely make some headlines, there are teams in CS2 that always tend to be in the news as well. One of the most successful teams in this sport is Team Liquid, and they just made a surprising roster move. 

This team just made the decision to bench cadiaN, and many thought that this move was coming at some point. While cadiaN was a star player for Heroic, he just wasn’t able to replicate that success with his new team. 

There is now a clear hole on this team, but don’t expect Team Liquid to be without a replacement for long. This team could also be looking to sell one of their other players, and they could be looking for a duo to add on the roster. 

Twistzz is one name that has already been rumored to be a replacement on this roster, and that is a move that would have some major CS2 implications.