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Team Astralis Loses Another Legend

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Team Rankings for June

Team Astralis used to be the biggest name when it came to Counter-Strike 2, but that franchise is falling apart in a major way. A number of former legends have already left the organization, and another player just joined that…

Astralis Making Roster Changes

It has already been a big year of Counter-Strike action, and some teams have been able to put together some great performances. Astralis used to be a team that was favored in nearly every single event, but that just hasn’t…

A Look at the PGL Copenhagen Major

It’s already been a thrilling start to the year in the world of esports, and that trend will only continue as we get closer to the summer. The first ever Esports World Cup is going to be held, but there…

Team Spirit Wins IEM Katowice

The IEM Katowice has been taking place over the last few days, and there was some terrific action taking place among the teams. That event is now over, and it was Team Spirit that came away with the win on the biggest stage. 

New CS2 Patch Used in IEM Katowice

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Continues to be one of the most popular games when it comes to the world of esports, and there is a massive event currently taking place. That event would be the IEM Katowice 2024, and some of the top CS:GO teams are currently competing for the top prize. 

IEM Katowice Action is Underway

Counter-Strike continues to be one of the most popular games in the world of esports, and there are always some big events taking place. The IEM Katowice 2024 is one of those big events, and it has been taking place over the last few days. 

IEM KATOWICE 2024 Underway

The Counter-Strike 2 season is going to officially start to heat up as the IEM KATOWICE 2024 is currently taking place. This is one of the biggest international events every year where this game is played, and it should be extremely competitive yet again. 

Serral Favored to Win CS2 Tournament

Counter-Strike continues to be an extremely popular esports game, and there has been plenty of great action taking place to begin 2024. The action is only going to increase soon as one of the top events of the year will soon be taking place.