Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Team Rankings for June

Team Astralis Loses Another Legend

Team Astralis used to be the biggest name when it came to Counter-Strike 2, but that franchise is falling apart in a major way. A number of former legends have already left the organization, and another player just joined that group. 

Andreas “Xyp9x” Hojsleth has announced that he is leaving the team, and that isn’t going to have a major impact on the current roster. Hojsleth has not played in nearly nine months for Tea Astralis, but he did help the team win four major tournaments. 

He was actually one of the founding members of this team, but he hasn’t been treated with much respect from the current regime. Current leaders of the team wasted little time in benching some of the legends of this team, and that is the reason that the roster has crumbled. 

Some might have forgotten that Hojsleth was even still on this roster, but his work with this team won’t soon be forgotten. He was once one of the best players in this sport, and was particularly great at coming up with clutch moments. 

Rough Go For Astralis

This team is now essentially at a crossroads, but the leaders of the team have decided to go with younger players. That has not been working out in recent events as this team has not been challenging for many titles. 

Astralis has now missed out on competing at three majors in a  row, and that’s a major change from just a few years ago. This was once a team that won three majors in a row, and they looked like a team that was never going to slow down. 

Nicolai Reedtz is now the lone player remaining from those championship team, but he was actually responsible for some of these issues. Reedtz really started the negative moments for this team when he briefly left Team Astralis to sign with Ninjas in Pyjamas. 

There has been a mass exodus from this team in recent months, and there could be more roster turnover before the team gets back to competing. The next time that this team will compete will be at the ESL Pro League that begins in April, but they will be going into that event as an underdog. 

Counter-Strike 2 More Popular Than Ever

When the launch of Counter-Strike 2 came out last September, it wasn’t long before players expressed displeasure with the game. This franchise has produced a number of major hits, but the top players were not happy that this game essentially replaced some other titles. 

The developers of this game stuck by their guns though, and it appears that they turned out to be right. According to data from the game, this title hit its player peak on March 9th, and more growth is on the way. 

There are still some issues that will need to be worked out, but the top players in this sport continue to prove just how great of a game it is. The fact that there are now more leagues and more major events helps as well, as the top fans of this game are tuning in to check out the action. 

According to SteamDB, there were 1.5 million players on the game on March 9th, and that is the highest number of all-time. That number is still much lower than some of the other top esports games, but there is still some growth that is going to happen, as you can tell by looking at the events calendar.

All of this is going to lead to an exciting event that begins on March 17th as the Copenhagen Major will attract the best teams in this game. There does appear to be more parity in the game than ever before, and that has brought more people to the game.