A Look at PGL Major Copenhagen Early Results

The PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 is just getting started, and this is a competition between some of the best Counter-Strike 2 teams in the entire world. There will be some great action taking place throughout the month of March, and there have already been some interesting results. 

Just like with other top esports events, all of the action can be live-streamed on various platforms. It can be easy to follow along with the action, but here is a recap of some of the biggest news stories from the first few days. 

9Pandas Forced To Forfeit

Before the action even started at the PGL Major Copenhagen, there was a major development as one team had to be replaced. 9Pandas was unable to get the appropriate visas to visit from their home country of Russia, even though the tournament gave them some additional time. 

With only three eligible players in the country, 9Pandas were replaced by GamerLegion right before the tournament was set to begin. This is not the first time that a team has had issues with a visa, but it was something that members of this team should have taken care of. 

9Pandas was coming into this event with some momentum after winning a last chance event to qualify, and they were coming with a veteran group. This team upset Team Astralis on the way to qualifying for this event, but their run ended before it even got started. 

GamerLegion finished just behind 9Pandas at the last chance event, and that’s why they were given the opportunity to compete. While this was a big change on the bracket, it will allow fans to watch veteran Snax compete on the world’s biggest stage yet again. 

To keep things simple, GamerLegion simply took the place of 9Pandas in the group and there wasn’t a re-draw that took place. 

Action Was Fierce

The one nice things about the biggest esports events is that there is a ton of action that takes place in a short amount of time. By the end of day two, some teams were already heading home, while others were moving on in the bracket

Cloud9 and Heroic were the most impressive teams in the first two days of action as both teams were able to pick up 3:0 wins. Both of these teams were heavy favorites in their early matchups, and they are now in the elimination stage. 

Heroic was able to get past Eternal Fire in order to move to the Elimination Stage, and that was a battle that was fun to follow. Both teams were looking for the extra day of rest, but Heroic proved that they are one of the favorites in this event. 

Cloud9 was able to do something that many haven’t, as they got past SAW in a matchup of 2-0 teams. SAW had won 11 straight games before coming up a bit short in their bid to earn some extra rest by moving on. 

AMKAL and Movistar KOI were the first two teams that were sent packing at this event, and that was a bit of a surprise. 

Other Surprising Exits

Once the eliminations begin at the PGL Major Copenhagen, other teams tend to drop out of the field in a hurry. ENCE was another team that got sent home in the first part of the tournament as they couldn’t figure out FURIA. 

There were some high hopes for ENCE, and they came into this event playing some terrific CS:2 action. Apeks actually had some solid betting odds to win this event, but they are also out of the competition.