A Look at PGL Major Copenhagen Results

The top Counter Strike 2 teams in the world have been battling it out in Copenhagen as the PGL Major has been taking place. 16 teams have already been sent home, but the top eight teams are now battling it out in bracket play. 

There has already been some great action in this event, but the biggest and best games are still coming throughout the weekend. Two quarterfinal matchups have already been played, and it looks as if two teams are ready to go on a big run. 

Here is a quick look at the two quarterfinal matchups that have been played up to this point and what lies ahead. 

Vitality Was Impressive

Team Vitality was taking on Cloud9 in the first quarterfinal matchup of the day, and many expected that this would be a great battle. That didn’t end up being the case as Vitality put on a show early on in this contest. 

Cloud9 looked like it was going to keep this thing close on the first map, but that’s really where this matchup ended. Even though Cloud9 was able to get to the quarterfinals in this event, it was clear that they still had some holes on the roster. 

Team Vitality was dealing with some roster concerns early in this event, but they were able to get their top players back into the fold in this event. This was easily the most impressive win of the season for Team Vitality, and they are now heading into the semifinals with a ton of momentum. 

This team is hoping to win a second straight PGL Major Copenhagen title, and they are going to be a betting favorite to get that done. 

FaZe Clan Flies Past Team Spirit

The other quarterfinal matchup was viewed as a battle of two dominant teams, but it didn’t play out that way. FaZe Clan was dominant in this matchup as they simply broke the will of Team Spirit early on in this matchup. 

FaZe and Spirit traded wins in the first two maps, and that is where things started to get a bit interesting. FaZe Clan had a big lead at the third map, but Team Spirit was able to make a nice run to get back into the matchup. 

Karrigan is the captain of FaZe Clan, and he was the most impressive player for his team throughout this matchup. Team Spirit was hoping to deliver a championship win for “donk” but that just wasn’t in the cards in this matchup. 

Team Spirit just hasn’t been in this situation often as they don’t have much success at the international competition level. FaZe Clan is now going to be viewed as one of the top favorites to get to the championship match. 

Other Big Matchups Coming

A champion is going to be crowned this weekend in Copenhagen, and fans are going to be flocking to this event to check out the action that is taking place. There will also be some great live streams available, and that will be something to check out along the way. 

Since this event has some of the top teams in the world competing, fans are going to get to see some great teams struggling a bit. That’s extremely rare when it comes to some top teams and players as the best usually control the action at all times. 

Be sure to follow along with the quarterfinal and semifinal action as that will set up the matchup in the championship round. You should expect to see some of the best CS2 action of the entire year, but the great events aren’t going to end here either.