NAVI Wins PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

Some of the best Counter-Strike 2 teams in the world have been battling it out over the last few weeks in Copenhagen, and a champion has finally been crowned. After some great matchups and drama, it was NAVI that was able to take home the title over FaZe Clan. 

Since this was the first time that CS2 was the game that was being played on the international level, they became the first team to ever win an international title. There will be some other tournaments coming with this format, and NAVI will now have a big target on their backs. 

These two teams also met up for a Major Grand Final in Antwerp back in 2022, but the rosters were much different this time around. There were only two members of NAVI that competed yesterday, and those two players did end up delivering in a big way. 

NAVI took the first map of the final series, and they looked extremely confident doing it. It was a dominant comeback for FaZe Clan in the second map as they cruised to a 13-2 win to even things up. 

Since FaZe Clan is known for being the best at the international level, it was no surprise to see this team bounce back and make things interesting. Few teams are able to handle the pressure that FaZe Clan puts on, but NAVI was able to get that done. 

NAVI wasted little time in taking control of map three: Inferno, and they rode that wave of momentum to a 13:3 victory. Fans of NAVI were able to celebrate in Copenhagen, and it wasn’t long before those fans celebrated online as well. 


The first ever CS2 MVP Award went to a player that not many expected, and it just added to the unexpectedness of what went on this weekend. When JL was signed by team NAVI, many though he was simply brought in as a complementary piece, and someone that would become a fan favorite. 

After coming up with a ton of clutch plays all weekend long, JL was named MVP at the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024, and it was very deserving. He was the player that always seemed to end the runs from FaZe Clan, and continued to rack up the points on his own. 

His best moment came when he was facing a 1v3 challenge at the first map and he was able to come away with a win. A loss at that map might have ended things for NAVI right away, but JL simply didn’t let that happen this weekend. 

He will now have his name in the history books as the first MVP of a CS2 event, and he delivered a massive title for his team. 

FaZe Takes Down Vitality

While FaZe was not able to win the biggest match of the tournament, this team did pick up a big win along the way. Team Vitality was also in the semifinal and looking for international domination, but it was FaZe Clan that was able to get that victory. 

There are some great rivalries in the Counter-Strike sport, but the matchup between Team Vitality and FaZe Clan is one of the top options. There was a massive turnout for this matchup, and it delivered in every single way. 

This victory was a significant one for FaZe Clan in many ways, but especially for one of their leaders Karrigan. Karrigan has had a successful career while playing this sport, and he was competing in his home country of Denmark for the first time on the international level.