Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Team Rankings for June

It’s Time For PGL Major Copenhagen Playoffs

Counter-Strike 2 continues to be one of the most popular esports in the world, and that’s for both players and fans of the sport. The past few weeks have brought about some great drama and excitement for this sport as the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 event has been taking place. 

There have been a number of different stages in this event, but we have finally reached the tournament that is going to decide the winner. There are now just eight teams remaining with a chance to win a title, and that is really going to intensify what takes place in each match. 

Here is a look at what will go down in the bracket stage, and also a look at the current betting odds to win this championship. 

Future Odds Are Tight

When looking to make a bet on the winner of this event, there are three teams that tend to stand out right away. You will also notice that there isn’t much separation between the teams, and that will lead to some intense battles throughout this tournament. 

Team Spirit is currently the betting favorite at +225, and they also entered this event as a slight betting favorite. Odds have shifted a bit for the teams behind them, and that is where some of the drama is going to come from. 

Team Vitality (+250) and FaZe Clan (+275) are also in the mix in this event, and those teams are going to be pushing hard for the title. It appears as if there is a clear gap between the top three teams and the other five that are still in the running. 

G2Esports (+800) and MOUZ (+1000) are next on the list when it comes to the top betting favorites, but it would be an upset if these teams were able to get the job done. Virtus.Pro actually entered this competition as one of the favorites, but that team didn’t even make it to this stage of the competition. 

Four First Round Matchups

There are four first round matchups set to take place this weekend, and that will set the stage for what’s to come. Here is a look at each of the four matchups that are scheduled:

  • Cloud9-Team Vitality
  • Team Spirit-FaZe Clan
  • Eternal Fire-NaVi
  • MOUZ-G2 ESports

There is a reason that all of these matchups look great on paper as these are eight of the best teams in this sport. The first two matchups listed are going to be the best, but the other battles could produce a surprising contender. 

Some of these teams have already battled it out so far in Copenhagen, but now the action will really start to heat up. 

Spirit in Driver’s Seat

Betting odds don’t always tell the whole story when it comes to esports, but they are hard to ignore in this event. Team Spirit has a tough first round matchup on paper, but they are at -225 in their matchup with FaZe Clan in Round 1.

If FaZe Clan is unable to keep that battle close then it seems pretty likely that Team Spirit is going to roll through the competition. There is a good chance for G2 Esports to move up and make a run at this title, but it would still be a massive upset. 

Team Spirit worked on this roster in order to give them a chance at success at the highest level, and they are now just a few wins away from getting that done. While there doesn’t seem to be a ton of value in backing Team Spirit, they would have to be the pick at this stage of the competition.