A Look at the PGL Copenhagen Major

It’s already been a thrilling start to the year in the world of esports, and that trend will only continue as we get closer to the summer. The first ever Esports World Cup is going to be held, but there are other significant tournaments or championships set to take place. 

The PGL Copenhagen Major would definitely qualify as one of those big events, and it will be the first time that Counter-Strike 2 will ever be played as a major. As if that wasn’t enough reason to be excited, this event is also set to feature 24 of the best teams in the world. 

Qualifying for this big event is not easy as teams have to navigate through their regions in order to make a run at winning this title. There are three different regions that will be represented at this major, but a majority of the teams are going to be coming from Europe. 

17 of the 24 teams are going to come from Europe for the PGL Copenhagen Major, and qualifying for that event has already started. The other seven teams have not yet started to compete for a spot in the event as those qualifying are yet to come.

Just Three Spots Left

It only makes sense that a majority of the teams for this event are going to come from Europe as the finals will be held in Copenhagen. That is going to create some massive rivalries between the teams from this part of the world. 

Some great teams have already clinched a spot at the PGL Copenhagen Major from Europe, but there are some other solid teams that have not yet locked in. G2 esports and FazE Clan are two of the biggest names that have qualified for a spot from Europe, and they will be joined by Team Vitality and Team Spirit. 

While the odds would suggest that a team from Europe is going to win at Copenhagen, there are going to be some other great teams from other parts of the world. Look for the other spots coming from European teams to be locked up in the next few days. 

Other Teams Coming

There will be five teams coming from the Americas RMR, but those spots aren’t going to be filled until next month. The Americas RMR won’t begin until March 1, but the action is going to be extremely fast-paced once things kick off. 

There will be just two teams coming from the Asia-Pacific region of the world, but there have been some talented CS-2 teams that have advanced from that region. Because there will be so much pressure on every team to succeed, you should expect to see all of the teams pushing hard throughout the event.

While 24 teams are going to head to Copenhagen, it won’t be long before teams are eliminated and then sent home without any hardware. 

A Look at the Format

Knowing the teams that are set to compete at the PGL Copenhagen Major is one way to wager on this event, but you also need to know that format that is going to be used. The first matches are set to take place on March 17, and the final will be held at the end of the month. 

The first part of this event will be a Swiss system, and 16 of the teams are going to be eliminated during that time. Not only are teams trying to qualify for a spot, but they are also hoping to get a bit lucky when looking at the draw. 

When there are just eight teams remaining, the final eight teams are going to be competing for the right to hoist the ultimate trophy.