More Updates from PGL Major Copenhagen 2024

Plenty of esports events occur throughout the country, but the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 is the best of them all. The action has been happening fast at the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024, and there have been plenty of news stories that have emerged over the last few days. 

Some teams and players have really stood out now that the elimination stage is here, and this is when the action tends to really heat up. There were 16 games played on Thursday, and that is going to be the case on Friday as well. 

Not only is this an extremely exciting game for the top players and teams from around the world, but the players can also get into the action. Developers of the game have released some new stickers that can be used by traditional and casual players. 

Here is a look at some of the most recent developments from the PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 and what might be coming in the future. 

MOUZ, Spirit Looking Sharp

The PGL Major Copenhagen 2024 features the top CS:2 teams in the world, but not all of these teams are equal. Every team is pushing hard for a chance to event in this tournament, but teams MOUZ and Spirit have been the most impressive up to this point. 

MOUZ is one of the youngest teams in the field, and not much was expected from them this month in Denmark. Instead of folding under the pressure of some other great teams, this roster has risen to the occasion to beat some great teams. 

After being placed in the elimination bracket, MOUZ has picked up wins over ECSTATIC and Eternal Fire to set the stage for some bigger matches ahead. This young team will continue to be tested moving forward, but they have been passing every test up to this point. 

Team Spirit did come into this event with championship aspirations, and they were one of the betting favorites to have serious success. While this entire roster has been performing well, it is “donk” that continues to lead this roster. 

This team was facing some tough competition in the elimination stage, but they were able to get past Cloud9 and Imperial to put themselves in a good position moving forward. 

FaZe, Vitality Fading Fast

FaZe and Vitality were two teams that were expected to advance out of the elimination round, but neither of these teams were able to find their groove. Both of these teams actually started off Thursday with a loss, and that put them in danger of heading home. 

Players from both FaZe and Vitality were able to step up in the face of adversity, as each team was able to pick up a win to keep their run alive. They now have the potential of meeting up in the 1:1 elimination bracket and one of these pre-tournament favorites are going to be heading home. 

New Stickers Released

Not only is the PGL Major Copenhagen delivering some great action, but developers of the game have also released some new stickers. Fans of this sport were expecting that the stickers would be released on the first day of the tournament, but those didn’t come out until the fifth day. 

Some of the top players had trouble submitting signatures, and that caused a delay, but those are now available for players of this game. One of the most popular stickers is the one that was released by donk as that is one of the top players in this sport. 

There are also stickers for each team in this event, and it wasn’t long before fans were grabbing these stickers after the release.