Bleed Win 2024 EU Qualifier Championship

There has been some great Counter-Strike 2 action taking place over the last few days, and that all came to a head over the weekend. The 2024 EU Qualifier Championship match took place on Sunday, and there was a surprising winner. 

BLEED was not one of the top betting favorites to win this event, but they managed to go on a surprising run throughout the event. That culminated in another great performance in the championship game and the team has now qualified for the Thunderpick World Championship 2024. 

This is the first online qualifier won by this team, and BLEED will now look to surprise even more people at the World Championship tournament to be held in October. The win on Sunday came against Gaimin Gladiators, and they were a heavy favorite in the championship match. 

While most championship matchups are played as a best-of-five in other esports, that wasn’t the case for this one. BLEED and Gaimin Gladiators were competing in a best-of-three series, but only two games were needed to decide this winner. 

BLEED Gets it Done

Gaimin Gladiators were expected to make quick work of BLEED in this matchup, but they never really had a chance as the action unfolded. BLEED managed to win both of the maps that were played, and the capped off an incredible run. 

This team has been working together over the last few years, but they just weren’t able to come away with a ton of success. They are going to head to the Thunderpick World Championship as a big underdog as well, but that’s clearly a role that they thrive in. 

There were a number of key players that stepped up to help BLEED get the job done this time around, but it was the performance from CeRq that really stood out. He set the tone for his team with a 19:11 performance on the first map, putting an end to some recent criticism. 

Kassad worked hard to put this new and improved roster together for BLEED, and all of his recent moves have clearly paid off. There were a lot of castoffs on this roster, but they all seemed to work together to get the job done in this one. 

This was not an expected result, and it could lead to some other surprising qualifiers for Thunderpick. 

Others in the Semifinals

While BLEED and Gaimin Gladiators were the two teams that advanced to the championship game, there were two other great teams in the semifinals. Since this was an event that came with a spot in the Thunderpick World Championship, all of the top teams in this sport were looking to compete. 

BIG advanced to the Final Four to set up a matchup against BLEED, and it was BIG that was a big favorite in that matchup. They got to the semifinals by knocking off GamerLegion in a matchup of two teams that were good enough to win a title. 

BIG actually got a pretty big break in the quarterfinals as it looked as if GamerLegion was going to pick up the win. A technical issue on the side of GamerLegion caused them to concede the match, and BIG was able to move on from the first map with a win. 

AMKAL was the other team that was in the semifinals, and they suffered a quick defeat to the Gaimin Gladiators in a matchup that went as expected. They were not a team that was expected to be a title contender, but getting to the semifinals had to feel good for a team that is on the rise.