Sentinels Win VCT Masters Madrid

The top VALORANT teams in the world have been battling it out in Madrid for the 2024 VCT Masters Madrid. There was some terrific action that took place throughout the event, but in the end it was Team Sentinels that came away with the title. 

Gen.G was in the championship game against Sentinels, and it was a matchup that lived up to the hype. This battle went the distance as both teams were able to win the maps that they chose. Gen.G took control of Ascent and Breeze, while Sentinels won Bind and Split.

That set the stage for what became an epic battle at IceBox, but in the end it was TenZ that proved why he is one of the top players in this sport. Sentinels have traditionally struggled on the IceBox map, but they proved their excellence, by getting it done this time. 

The first half of this final map was extremely tight, and both teams looked in a good position to win it. Sentinels came out extremely aggressive in the second half on that map, and put the match away in front of a huge contingent of fans. 

Two Stars Make History

Zellsis was a major contributor throughout the entire run by Sentinels, but he really stepped up his play at the final map. He was able to win his first international trophy with his performance, and that was the case for Johnqt and Zekken as well. 

This version of Team Sentinels was put together after a few rough years for this team, as they used to be the most dominant team in the sport. There were some tough roster decisions that were made in an effort to turn things around, and it appears as if those moves worked. 

Sacy and TenZ were able to win their second international title, and that puts them in some historic company. Those two players were holdovers from the previous roster, and they are going to go down as two of the best of all-time. 

Sentinels are now the first team ever to win a pair of VCT Masters and that cements them as a legendary team in this sport. Fnatic is the only other VALORANT team that has been able to claim a pair of international titles. 

It’s going to be right back to action for Sentinels as they will be competing in the Americas in mid-April. They should be a lock to reach the championship at the end of the year, where they will be joined by some other great teams. 

New Viewership Record Set

VCT Masters Madrid was an event that was built for fans in a live setting, but fans were also tuning in online. This sport has started to become more popular over the last few years, and that is seen when looking at the viewership numbers and betting action. 

The peak viewership for the final match was 1.3 million viewers, easily setting a record when it comes to that category. Not only was the championship matchup extremely popular, but the entire event had fans tuning in.

This was still just the fourth-most viewed VALORANT event ever, but the championships at the end of the year could break that mark. Not only did Sentinels and Gen.G help to drive the action at the VCT Masters, but others were tuned in to watch Paper Rex compete. 

The top players in this sport have done a great job of building a brand, and that is only going to continue as time moves on. It will now be up to other VALORANT events to feed off this energy moving forward.