VCT Americas 2024 Heating Up

The VCT Americas 2024 has been taking place, but we have now reached the point when it is win or go home time for many of the teams. Not only are players and teams competing for a big cash prize, but they are also looking to qualify for the Masters Shanghai and Champions Seoul. 

All of this action is taking place in Los Angeles, and there is a massive crowd on hand for the best matchups. Group State began this event, but now teams are in the middle of bracket play, and some teams didn’t last very long. 

Two teams were eliminated on May 8th, and the winners of those matchups are now heading into the main part of the bracket as well. Here is a look at some of the early eliminations and how the bracket currently looks. 

100 Thieves is Moving On

One of the knockout stage matchups that took place on May 8th was a battle between 100 Thieves and LOUD, and it was a highly anticipated battle. Even though both of these teams were in the knockout round, it was pretty clear that 100 Thieves was playing much better than LOUD. 

LOUD just hasn’t been an easy team to figure out all year long as they have underperformed rather consistently throughout this event. This team was actually the champion of this event a year ago, but things have changed in a big way since that time. 

It looked like LOUD was going to take complete control of this event, but that was just not something that was going to take place. 100 Thieves came up with big kills whenever they needed them, and that allowed them to move on to the next stage. 

G2 Esports Survives

There are many years in which G2 Esports is the clear favorite to win this event, and they usually make a deep run. This version of G2 Esports just hasn’t been playing well together so far this year, and they nearly bowed out on Wednesday. 

Cloud9 was in a great position to come away with a win over G2 Esports, but it felt like the lack of experience is what ended up doing them in. G2Esports had to sweat things out in order to win this battle as there was overtime played in the final map of the night. 

Both teams proved that they did not want to go home early in this event, and it created a magnificent showdown. Only one team was able to advance, and that win went to G2 Esports on Wednesday. 

Updated Bracket

There will be a pair of matchups that take place in the Upper Semifinals, and those are going to be huge battles. The winner of each matchup will move on to the final game in the upper bracket, and can then secure a spot in the international events. 

KRU Esports will take on G2 Esports in one of those matchups, and it should be one that is extremely competitive throughout. Leviatan will be facing off against 100 Thieves in the other semifinal matchup, and it’s a battle of two great teams. 

This is now essentially a double-elimination tournament as the losers of each Upper Semifinal can still fight back to win the title. That’s not something that is done very easily at all, but at least those teams will still have a chance to stick around Los Angeles. 

A champion is set to be crowned on May 12th, and the action is going to be terrific until a winner is announced. There could be some surprises in the final few matchups, but the best teams have been setting the stage up to this point.