Gen.G Wins VCT Masters Shanghai

The top international VALORANT teams have been battling it out in China for a Major event, and that action finally wrapped up over the weekend. While this field was loaded with some great teams, it was Gen.G that finished off a terrific run with a championship win. 

Not only was Gen.G playing for their own glory, but they were also playing to represent the Asia-Pacific Region. By coming away with the title in this event, Gen.G became the first team from that region to ever win an international tournament in this sport. 

Team Heretics was the other team in the championship matchup, and it led to a great battle for the final prize. This was also a good redemption story for Gen.G as they nearly won the last Masters that was held in Madrid. 

After falling ot Team Sentinels by a score of 3-2 in Madrid, Gen.G made a few changes to their roster to become a better international team. All of those moves seemingly paid off in a big way as this team was sharp throughout the tournament. 

An Impressive Run

Even though the team came up short at Madrid, this team always felt like it was good enough to win a championship. That dramatic loss refocused the group and allowed them to put together a great run to set the tone in this tournament. 

Gen.G won the upper portion of the bracket, and that allowed them to have an advantage when it came time for the championship run. Since they had the veto advantage in the final, this team decided to ban Bind and Sunset, and that allowed them to pick Breeze first to come away with a dominant win on the first map.

Team Heretics was a bit worn down after having to fight their way through the bottom part of the bracket, and they also didn’t get a chance to practice any of the favorite maps for Gen.G. When it was Breeze that was chosen first, Gen.G simply did what they had to do to come away with a big victory. 

It was a 13-6 win for Gen.G on the Breeze Map, and that only set the stage for what was to come later on in the matchup. This did end up going to a fifth map, but Gen.G made sure that they were not going to be cursed again. 

With a win in Shanghai and a second place finish at Madrid, Gen.G is in a great position moving forward. They should be able a  lock to qualify for VCT Champions, and they will be a team to watch at the next big VALORANT event. 

VALORANT Console Coming

Riot Games has been teasing some major news when it comes to VALORANT, and they have just made it official. VALORANT is coming to PS5 and XBox, giving players of this game a chance to experience the action in a much different way. 

The VALORANT Console Beta release is set to take place on June 14th, and players are going to get their hands on this popular game extremely soon. That beta release is not going to feature all of the new additions to the game, but those are coming at some point as well. 

This news was first teased at the 2024 Summer Game Fest event, and things have been coming out in little chunks since that time. Riot Games has been wanting to make sure that everything was in line before the official announcement came, but it’s going to lead to some great opportunities.